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Sweden officially launched the medical plastic recycling project. A few days ago, the Swedish medical PVC manufacturer alliance pvcmed has joined forces with a number of industry institutions to jointly build a management system for medical waste plastics. In addition to pvcmed, many Swedish recyclers, scientific research institutions and chemical companies have also joined the project called "sustainable treatment of medical plastics"

pvcmed said in the press conference that there are a large number of waste plastic wastes in the medical field that need to be treated urgently. Among them, more than 40% of medical waste plastics are produced from PVC. The "sustainable treatment of medical plastics" project aims to explore the best scheme for the treatment of this medical waste to make it better recycled

all project participants will work closely together to draw the best waste disposal blueprint for the growing medical expert team, which is a private R & D team composed mainly of retired experts and young and middle-aged experts. The main tasks include not only the identification, classification and packaging of high-grade waste plastics, but also the search for efficient waste treatment methods in continuous practice. In addition, in order to further ensure the accuracy of the standard configuration of the scheme, they will also conduct case studies in sargreenska and Karolinska medical colleges. It is reported that the research funding of this project is fully funded by the Swedish National Innovation Agency, and the sweeping method: the state based acceptance response method will be swept up under the joint leadership of the Swedish Institute of environment and the Charles Institute of technology in 2014

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