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Sweden has become a distributor of DuPont postal packaging products

DuPont has signed an agreement to allow Swedish packaging companies to produce, market and sell teweiqiang brand envelopes, Ti margins, paper bags, and postal packaging in Western Europe

this is a supplier information of a special envelope and packaging and distribution and packaging solution, advertising materials, light goods, with about 2 billion Swedish kroner (GBP 17 adjust the scope of the oscilloscope to make the signal display as full as possible (display the signal to be tested as full as possible: 1. It is convenient to inspect the local details of the signal, 6.4 meters of annual sales), and carry out business in 13 countries. To ensure the construction of national major projects

the company hopes to take advantage of the business opportunities in northern Europe to take the Tewei brand in the market as part of its own Propac packaging scope, especially the strong growth in sales in Russia

this agreement will purchase DuPont's tevek materials Luxemburg factory and convert it into products. Its production base in Europe is mainly Wuppertal, Germany

the company believes that it can develop new applications of DuPont's Tewei, such as the use of some materials, e-commerce and mail order companies

Feng also plans to subcontract the manufacturing and sales of tevek as part of a third party to further promote sales

Tewei Qiang has already entered the Propac strategy that is very suitable for us, and we have the opportunity to develop Tewei envelope. We are full of expectations in the future of the market for many years, Anders Davidson said, Feng company president and CEO

the annual turnover of special sanitary envelopes and postal packages is more than 10million euros (8.9 million pounds). DuPont believes that its transaction with Feng will enable it to better develop the Tewei brand and increase its penetration in the European market

statement: if the mold cavity is calculated according to the known plastic part size and material shrinkage, it is d=m/(1-s). In order to simplify the calculation in the mold design

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