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On March 29, 2017, Shanghai Pengpu held a grand signing ceremony for performance appraisal projects in the port industrial base

at this ceremony, 9 projects including bulldozer business, three-dimensional garage business, that is, non renewable energy aerial work platform business and remanufacture business were successfully signed. After the ceremony, Ms. Xu Yan, the general manager, called on all employees to show their enthusiasm for "entrepreneurship" and actively support the work of the project. At the same time, she put forward requirements to each project leader, requiring him to maximize the fixture contact area, take positive actions, effectively decompose goals, and practically put all his energy into the project to ensure the smooth completion of the project

2017 is a historical opportunity period for the structural adjustment and transformation and development of Shanghai Pengpu. This time, we will firmly focus on the work objectives of steel production capacity reduction, the cancellation of ground bar steel, the liquidation of electrolytic aluminum, the transformation and upgrading of the chemical industry, peak staggering production, the cultivation of new materials industry, the verification of chemical weapons ban, the verification of rare earth, etc. according to the exposed questions, we will make specific analysis and successfully sign the contract, It fully reflects the determination of Shanghai Pengpu to "base on construction machinery and develop construction machinery", and also confirms the "enterprising spirit" of Pengpu people who do not give up easily. In the future, Shanghai Pengpu will continue to invest in actively promoting enterprise transformation and upgrading, and continue to forge ahead on the road of innovation and reform

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