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Fangyuan sc200/200 inclined construction elevator received a new order

recently, Fangyuan sc200/200 insiders admitted that the inclined construction elevator is almost impossible to achieve. In the key construction equipment procurement project in Jiangxi, they successfully won the bid with advanced design technology and excellent product performance, and successfully signed the contract

according to the requirements of the special working environment of the equipment, the No. 2 lifting machinery factory of Fangyuan group has carried out a number of targeted optimization designs of adopting the same samples under the specified state conditioning conditions, temperature, humidity and strain rate, increased the size of the lifting cage and changed it to the inclined type. Since the standard height is 81 meters, the standard sections are made of Q345B "good materials dare not use" special pipes, and the inclination angle of the guide rail is 14.2 degrees, There are 13 special attachments. The electrical system has been upgraded in mechanism torque and motor power. The control room and all electric control boxes have been reinforced against the wind, and the antirust and wind proof design of the main body and rack of the construction elevator is emphatically considered

users' choice of Fangyuan group inclined construction elevator is a high trust in Fangyuan products, which will have a positive impact on further expanding the application field and scope of construction elevator products

No.2 lifting machinery factory

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