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In the morning of March 4, Qilu Evening News · Qilu Yidian learned from the press conference on the overall promotion of epidemic prevention and control and the construction of key projects in Shandong Province that as of March 2, 1021 provincial-level key projects in Shandong had been continued

Qilu Evening News

up to now, on the main battlefield of poverty alleviation, the revolutionary spirit of Jiaodong has been condensed again, the passion of fighting has been ignited again, and a number of people who used to fight on the battlefield and have experienced in the military camp have retreated


lihaiyan, director of Pediatrics of Yantai Mountain hospital, experienced thrilling times and silent races with the God of death, showing herself as a Communist Party member and a soldier in white


pediatrician of tobacco medicine, willing to be the warm sun in winter for children in the East. A documentary on the opening of the pediatric outpatient department of the East Hospital of Yantai Mountain hospital. In the past half a month, the number of medical treatment is increasing day by day, and the medical staff work overtime and 12 o'clock, overcoming many difficulties


Wu Yongcai, leader of Guodu Xingguang public welfare service team (information figure). As the leader of Guodu Xingguang public welfare service, Wu Yongcai actively coordinated the love enterprises to invest in love activities. At present, he has given a total of epidemic situation on duty card doctors


the construction assistance team of Huoshen mountain and Leishen mountain hospitals of China Construction Third Engineering Bureau (Shandong). Ten days and ten nights, more than 7000 builders, nearly 1000 large mechanical equipment and transport vehicles... Wuhan Vulcan with a construction area of 33900 square meters


Wang Chuanbin (first from the right) and his colleagues visited the villagers. "I'll check the registration of follow-up files. During the epidemic period, what is the work that a grass-roots policeman needs to complete?

it is very necessary for Jiaodong 202 to formulate different protection and maintenance plans.

a total of 25 patients in the Qingdao Hubei medical team have been cured and discharged, and 35 people in the Hubei medical team of the Affiliated Hospital of Qingdao University have been cured. Qingdao/Qingdao view/Qingdao news since arriving in Wuhan on the afternoon of February 9, Shandong Province...

Qingdao/Qingdao Qingdao/Qingdao view/Qingdao news on March 4 learned from the Municipal Bureau of education that at present, more than 10 Vocational Colleges in the city have more than 500 students in baydur made of pultrusion technology, which is in the process of ensuring epidemic prevention and control, public utilities operation, and people's life

In order to give full play to the leading and supporting role of high-level talents in grassroots economic and social development during the epidemic prevention and control period, recently, the Department of human resources and social security of Shandong Province issued a notice to take the lead in launching and carrying out

At present, the prevention and control of COVID-19 is in a critical period. In order to meet the learning and training needs of the majority of workers, Zhifu District human resources and Social Security Bureau has vigorously carried out online vocational skills training to promote


at 16:45 p.m. on the 4th, Shandong Airlines flight sc4944 took off from Guizhou Anshun Huangguoshu airport, carrying 156 migrant workers to Qingdao for work, and is expected to arrive in Qingdao at 21:05. This is Shandong Airlines

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