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Sprint will integrate with Google VoIP, and the price of transnational voice will decline collectively.

in late March, sprint dropped a heavy bomb on the global communication market - announcing the integration of its voice business with Google's VOIP business, googlevoice. The explosive effect of sprint's move is that once integrated, the code resources that have always been monopolized by telecom operators will become history, followed by the global long-distance international voice price may decline collectively, and the traditional mobile voice will move to the edge of free...

this move is also known by the industry as breaking the wrist: in recent years, in an increasingly fierce competitive environment, Global telecom operators have set off an upsurge of transformation to "smart pipeline". Sprint has taken the first step in the transformation of smart pipeline. Industry experts said that smart pipeline not only needs to play the role of pipeline, but also needs to be "controllable", which is also the key to the success of the transformation

end the last resource fortress

what is the difference between calibration certificate and verification certificate? Both parties agreed that after the integration, sprint users can set their own sprint number as googlevoice number, and can connect this number to others through googlevoice at the same time. Users will also automatically transfer to the cheaper googlevoice when making international calls through sprint

in addition, googlevoice will replace sprint's original voicemail. Around the upgrading of traditional industries, users' messages on sprint's voicemail will be transcribed to and sent by email or SMS. Sprint users can also enjoy all the functions of googlevoice, including setting personalized voice mailbox, recording, setting blacklist, etc. according to the identity of the caller

under this form of cooperation, sprint's code number resource threshold has in fact been in vain

code resource, as an indispensable element in modern communication, is not only the natural connection between telecom operators and users, but also one of the symbols of its development of user scale and user services. At present, the management system of telecommunication code in most countries in the world is that the government is the setter of the initial right of the number, that is, the government formulates the rules for the use of all kinds of telecommunication code, and grants different signal segments to various telecommunication operators for use with or without compensation, and then the user obtains the right to use the number by signing a contract with the operator

in other words, code resource is a scarce resource. Users need to obtain telecommunication services through code resource. After Sprint and googlevoice cooperate, users do not need to apply for sprint number. They can set the number as googlevoice number, and connect this number to others through googlevoice at the same time. Sprint's code number resources have completely changed from scarce resources to "dispensable" numbers

on the other hand, after the cooperation, sprint users will enjoy googlevoice with lower charges when making international calls. As the new overlord of IP, googlevoice is popular all over the world with low charges for international calls. Taking the international calls between China and the United States as an example, making international calls through googlevoice is as low as $0.02 per minute, while it costs about $0.73 through telecom operators. From this perspective, although it is convenient and affordable for users, sprint is really changing its life: it needs to endure the erosion of googlevoice on its long-distance voice business revenue. The tearing of this gap will also lower the international toll charges of American telecom operators as a whole

it is understood that sprint will soon launch a new terminal with built-in googlevoice, and it is free for googlevoice to call any country in the United States. It is not difficult to imagine which side American consumers will choose when facing the choice of free or charge. Analysts said that not only long-distance voice, the overall voice business of American telecom operators will completely slide into the abyss of free. Although the voice business income is not the main source of income for telecom operators at present, it still has a considerable impact on the source of income for telecom operators

forced win-win

although global operators are ready to be "smart pipelines", sprint is obviously the first to stand up

sprint's move is somewhat tragic and helpless - in recent years, sprint has been in a bad situation. In 2010, the operator's net loss was as high as $3.5 billion. After at&t announced its acquisition of T-Mobile in the United States on March 20, sprint is also widely believed by the industry to be the one who will suffer the most in the upcoming major changes in the U.S. mobile communications market. As the smallest mobile operator in the United States, in the face of the rising negative growth after 2007, sprint must change and overcome its difficulties

"if we can't attract and retain mobile users, our financial situation will be damaged. After that, we may face a series of problems, such as the need to deal with the letter of intent sent by other enterprises, being controlled by third-party capital, etc." Sprint wrote in the risk warning of the 2010 annual report. Verizonwireless, the largest mobile operator in the United States, also aims to expand its market share to obtain cash for sustainable investment

some analysts said that not only sprint, but also the threshold of installing a soft terminal is too low in today's increasingly popular smart terminals. In this very extreme case, users don't need to remember the numbers of other operators at all. They just need to communicate through Google numbers. Therefore, they have actually become Google users, and the numbers of operators have become less valuable. "Sprint said that it was to tear down the fence and open code number resources - giving up the last resource fortress may be a judgment on the openness of the industry."

international observers believe that people generally regard this cooperation as a win-win move for sprint and Google. Launching googlevoice service on all platforms will help sprint solve the problem of retaining and attracting users; With sprint's user and number resources, Google can also further expand its user base and have an impact on the long-distance business of other operators

make a controllable smart pipeline

Fu Liang, a telecom expert, said that the cooperation with googlevoice is obviously the best footnote for sprint to practice the role of smart pipeline. "Today, there is no need to discuss whether to resist or embrace smart pipeline. The important thing is how to embrace and how to realize the 'manageability' of smart pipeline."

Fu Liang believes that operators have bandwidth resources, which is the basis for cooperation with other service providers. Based on the role of pipeline, selectively providing services and mastering the profit center are the core competitiveness of intelligent pipeline. "This requires not only the control of data flow, but also the development of more service ideas on the basis of cooperation between the two sides."

Yun Qing, an independent analyst, also expressed the same view. In his view, as the first person who dares to tear down the fence, sprint's next step is to consider how to form new innovative service models and profit points through such integration. In terms of innovative services, Yunqing takes platform services as an example, "The current platform services of operators are generally directly connected with applications, generating simple applications with poor user experience, while Internet enterprises provide excellent products such as GoogleMaps and map platforms by focusing on the core business of data. Operators bring out certain capabilities (it seems to be a fundamental voice capability in the cooperation case between sprint and googlevoice) In exchange for the data core business capabilities of Internet enterprises, so that products are more viable. "

Yun Qing said that SP, which has completely degenerated into an "intelligent pipeline", has effectively guaranteed the smooth implementation of key engineering models such as aviation, aerospace, weapons, shipbuilding, nuclear energy, electronics, etc. rint will obviously form new profit points: local calls, text messages, etc., which are provided free of charge, and then make profits from new business areas such as advertising, games, etc. through the user scale required by the interconnection industry


those "things" that bypass the electric code number

google voice

google voice is a VoIP service launched by Google, which can centralize many numbers used by individuals into one number and provide many value-added services at the same time. At present, it provides free voice call and SMS functions in the United States and Canada. Using googlevoice service, you can dial any number in the United States for free, and the international fee is also cheaper than other companies. The unit price of calling Chinese Mainland is 2 cents/minute. Because googlevoice shows a powerful integration function, many technology analysts believe that it will bring impact to traditional companies and will also hit the VOIP networks developed in recent years, such as Skype and Vonage, which are popular nowadays, and iTalkBB, which is familiar to Chinese Americans

Apple "softsim"

Apple is currently studying a technology called softsim, which is a code number that can make and send text messages without belonging to the national monopoly resource number. It is also Apple's bolder and Avantgarde idea after the release of minisim. Relevant people said that Apple's softsim may also take cooperative measures to solve the code number problem. In this way of thinking, the SIM card will become history in the future iPhone

words of the family

independent analyst Yun Qing: it's a helpless move to push down the fence

today, with the increasing popularity of intelligent terminals, the threshold for installing a soft one is really too low. In this very extreme case, users don't need to remember the numbers of other operators at all. They just need to communicate through Google numbers. Therefore, they have actually become Google users, and the numbers of operators have become less valuable. In order to strengthen this concept, Google has also integrated Google Voice into gmail. As long as you log in through Google number, you can solve all calls and emails. Sprint said that it was to tear down the fence and open the code number resources - giving up the last resource fortress may be a judgment on the openness of the industry. For example, when we first connected to the Internet, we had to use the so-called IAP such as AOL, which was limited to a high wall. When the Internet has developed to a certain stage, this AOL account has become an obstacle for customers to enjoy open information. Just as operators are unwilling to open number resources, AOL will not be willing to give up restrictions on user access. But what if you don't want to? The development of the industry forced him to push down the fence

Shi Zhenjun of Guangdong Mobile: we can't "hide our sins and avoid medicine"

the application of technology to replace people's existing code resources has already existed. For China's telecom operators, the challenge is sooner or later, it's just a question of whether the policy is allowed, that is, the license, and the threshold of policy is so vulnerable in the open world of Internet. In the face of this threat, operators cannot be content with the status quo, let alone "hide their ears and steal their bells" and "hide their fears and avoid medical treatment". Mobile Internet is breaking the original single center era of operators and moving towards a multi center era. In such an era, pipeline is the foundation of operators at present, but if you want to rest easy just by this, if you think that "operators cannot become pipelines" is a wrong theory, and guide operators to act accordingly, it will make operators miss the great opportunity of mobile Internet! The way to face the threat of atomic bomb is to build an atomic bomb by yourself. The best way to face the threat of mobile Internet is to learn from mobile Internet.

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