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Zhang Quan: Weichai responds to industry challenges with a full range of engines

Zhang Quan: Weichai responds to industry challenges with a full range of engines

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at the launch ceremony of Weichai light smart power base on April 24, Zhang Quan, executive CEO of Weichai Power, focused on Weichai light smart power strategy, emission upgrading, vertical integration of main engine plants, future development direction of Weichai, They shared their views on the spot

"light smart power will be an important member of Weichai Power family"

question: at the beginning of this year, Weichai launched WP13 engine, extending to high horsepower. Now, what is the strategic consideration of releasing light power? What position does light power occupy in the whole product chain of Weichai Power

Zhang Quan: as an important part of the overall business layout of the group, enterprises in Yangzhou are important carriers for us to build a full range of general power providers and transform to vehicle business. Light smart power is an important member of Weichai Power family. Yangchai will be Weichai 2l-4l light smart power production base. The second phase is planned to produce 100000 units per year

by the end of 2018, Weichai plans to achieve a sales revenue of more than 10 billion yuan for enterprises in Yangzhou and build a 10 billion level R & D and manufacturing base for complete vehicles, complete machines and light engines

question: what is the current sales situation of Weichai light power? How is the market recognition

Zhang Quan: at present, Weichai light power market is in short supply. Its power, economy, emissions and other main performance indicators are better than competitors. It has been recognized by mainstream customers such as JAC and Yutong. Its performance leads the upgrading of domestic multi cylinder and small displacement engines

"emission upgrading is both a challenge and an opportunity for Weichai"

China Business Daily: at the launch ceremony of the light smart power base, how does what we call "wisdom" specifically reflect on our engine

Zhang Quan: "smart power" mainly reflects two aspects: one is the technical level of our engine, and the other is the production process of our engine. In the light smart power plant we set up, we will use the "Internet +" mode to carry out research and development, production, management and marketing

question: is emission upgrading a pressure on Weichai

Zhang Quan: emission upgrading has also enabled material manufacturers to strengthen close cooperation with automotive OEM manufacturers, parts and R & D institutions; This is a challenge as well as an opportunity for Weichai, which will give the automotive industry the strongest voice in the face of lightweight and new energy technological innovation

we can see that the competition in the low-end light truck market mainly depends on price war, which can be said to be a "Red Sea". The market of high-end light trucks is "blue ocean". This time, our light smart power base is used to develop and produce VM series engines with world leading technology that meet the emission requirements of national V and national VI

in the field of heavy trucks, with the upgrading of emission regulations, the entry threshold of the engine industry will be further raised. The R & D expenses invested by Weichai each year account for 4% to 5% of the sales revenue, which is not what ordinary enterprises can do

with the upgrading of emissions and technology, the price of engines is also rising, and the absolute value of profits is rising

"non road power will be the main force in the future"

question: since 2015, the Chinese government has actively promoted the construction of the "the Belt and Road". Under this strategic pattern, how will Weichai Power give full play to its own advantages and quickly integrate into the construction of the the Belt and Road? What are the development opportunities and challenges

Zhang Quan: "the the Belt and Road" has a great impact on Weichai. In recent years, Weichai has been deployed in the Middle East, Africa and South Asia, and countries such as Iran are Taiwan in a year. Weichai engine, which ranks first in the domestic heavy truck, bulldozer, loader, ship engine, generator set and other fields, currently accounts for 10% - 15% of the total sales overseas

under the guidance of the "the Belt and Road" strategic thinking, Weichai has also constantly adjusted its development strategy. In the overseas market, we have also expanded the market by establishing local production plants and implementing technology export, which has changed the development mode of pure product trade export, and gradually moved from the low end of the manufacturing industry to the high end

question: what is the background of the cooperation between Weichai and caterpillar (Qingzhou)? Why can we reach this cooperation? What does it mean for both parties

Zhang Quan: under the new economic normal, cooperation can lead to win-win results. Weichai and caterpillar (Qingzhou) are both leaders in their respective fields, and have a long history of cooperation. The predecessor of caterpillar (Qingzhou), Shangong group, is the earliest construction machinery manufacturer supporting Weichai engines. The cooperation between the two sides will further enhance the competitiveness of products and promote the development of both sides

question: at present, there are many vertical integration in the heavy truck industry. How will Weichai layout to cope with the changing situation

Zhang Quan: throughout the development process of international enterprises in the same industry, single engine enterprises are bound to move towards the path of vertical integration of the industry, which is a trend. As early as 2005, Weichai complied with and led this trend. From the acquisition of Hunan Torch in 2005, it began to integrate vertically, and therefore has the golden industrial chain of heavy-duty commercial vehicles. The intelligent control technology advantage of its powertrain has become one of the core competitiveness of Weichai

there is competition before there is progress. Our engine technology is constantly moving forward to the forefront of the world in the fierce competition. Weichai has always maintained its confidence in the cake market, which is composed of chain monomer components or monomers and has always been fought for by competitive advantage. After more than 30 years of deep cultivation in the power field of heavy commercial vehicles, Weichai has more than 3million units in the market, which is the most important pole in China's heavy truck engine supporting market. There is no doubt that the iron door of the hydraulic control box should be opened before power on

at the same time, based on decades of market accumulation, Weichai has a stronger ability to understand and meet customer needs. For example, a series of new technologies for heavy commercial vehicle power launched by us at the beginning of the year, as well as the layout of light smart power this time, are Weichai's advantages in the future. In terms of product transformation, Weichai aims to be a full range of suppliers in all fields, and has built a 2l-13l perfect product platform

in the field of off-road engines, Weichai is strengthening cooperation with major engine manufacturers, and has signed strategic cooperation agreements with XCMG, Longgong, Caterpillar (Qingzhou), etc. for Weichai, off-road engines will be the main force in the future

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