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Beijing Xinhe newly launched intelligent building automatic control VAV control system

winsmart newly developed by Beijing Xinhe Ruifeng Technology Co., Ltd. the company said that Ba intelligent building automatic control system and its supporting DDC controller and sensor are products independently developed by Xinhe Ruifeng and have independent intellectual property rights

its main product series are as follows:

first, winsmart automatic control configuration software

II. DDC controller of CRD series:

III. actuator and electric regulating valve with perfect regulating performance

IV. a full range of sensors: including network sensors

v. combined temperature controller

the performance and characteristics of the above main products are introduced as follows:

first, winsmart automatic control configuration software:

winsmart system follows the existing international standards, and the system is open. Winsmart runs on the windowsxp/2000 platform based on Microsoft, which has high reliability. At the same time, it follows the principle of openness, which is convenient for management and maintenance, supports BACnet, MODBUS and other international standard protocols, and can realize remote control through international interconnection. It fully embodies the advanced building automation concept of "centralized management and decentralized control". It can carry out secondary software programming and monitoring management for the monitored equipment, and comprehensively monitor the temperature, humidity, status, fault alarm and operation record of the building system

winsmart has an intuitive graphical user interface (GUI), which can provide powerful equipment management functions, and can monitor all kinds of building equipment on site or remotely, mainly including: graphic function, control support function, data management function, environmental control function, etc

the energy management module can provide more reasonable energy use strategies, so that you can achieve better energy conservation and consumption reduction goals and get optimized management services. It is mainly used in energy monitoring, parameter monitoring, condition monitoring and command response. For specific equipment, such as epoxy resin, for the start and stop of air conditioning units and fresh air units, the characteristics of temperature rise/fall can be judged by prediction, the optimal start and stop control of air conditioning can be implemented to avoid invalid operation time, and the most appropriate stop time can be calculated within the range of maintaining a comfortable environment, and the equipment and machines can be operated intermittently to save heat source energy and power

II. DDC controller of CRD series:

1. The main features of the full set of BA system structure system are as follows:

1) control and management points up to 500000

2) "peer to peer" unattended communication

3) it has universal input points and output points, which can realize the arbitrary conversion of digital quantity/analog quantity

4) including 16input/12output, 12input/you can remove the 8onput, 8input/8onput, 4input/4onput multi series DDC controller

5) special VAV controller to realize pressure independent control

6) the total air volume + valve position feedback method is used to realize the VAV system control

2. The total air volume + valve position feedback method is shown in Figure 2.

main features:

1) the special VAV controller realizes pressure independent control

2) the total air volume + valve position feedback method is adopted to realize the VAV system control

3) special LCD VAV temperature regulator realizes on-site control and management

the above products are developed and produced by Xinhe Ruifeng company in full accordance with the technical specifications and requirements of relevant disciplines and in line with ISO9000 quality system. Beijing Xinhe Ruifeng Technology Co., Ltd. adheres to the purpose of "integrity, friendly service, Rirui's innovation gap, should adopt the processing of impact samples, lack broaching machines, and rich products", and contributes to the construction of an energy-saving society

Beijing Xinhe related materials: in 2003, Beijing Xinhe Ruifeng Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Xinhe Ruifeng) was officially established, and the company is committed to the research, development, production, sales and service of building automation and variable air volume (VAV) systems; In 2004, the "intelligent building automatic variable air volume control system" independently developed by Xinhe Ruifeng obtained a number of patented technologies, which are widely used in various types of buildings, and have been recognized as "high-tech products" by Beijing high tech Industrial Development Zone; In 2009, Xinhe Ruifeng won the title of "top ten cutting-edge enterprises"

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