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Sprint plans to launch 4gevo video call as a selling point in the summer

in the morning of March 24 Beijing time, according to foreign media reports, the U.S. mobile operator sprint announced on Tuesday that it plans to launch the first 4G using clear wireless broadband network this summer, and regards video call as a major selling point of the network. At present, sprint has launched the clear network service in 7 cities in the United States, which will have to replace the new belt, to provide faster access speed for laptops, but this network has not been used for service at present

figure: sprint CEO Dan Hesse showed HTC's new Evo 4G at the American Wireless Communication Exhibition

in order to make effective use of the clear network, sprint plans to launch a large-size, iPhone like smart phone (on). Sprint CEO Dan Hesse showed this on the 2010 American Wireless ball impact tester's operating instructions and the equipment's maintenance information Exhibition (CTIA wi can print directly if the microcomputer has strong functions) in Las Vegas on Tuesday. This smart phone, named Evo 4G, will be manufactured by Taiwan HTC. It has two cameras, a high pixel camera on the back and a low pixel camera on the front, so it is very convenient for video calls

at present, video calls can also be made on American networks, but the usage is not large, because operators are worried that video calls occupy too much network bandwidth and do not encourage video calls or charge extra fees. In addition, at present, there are not many cameras equipped on the front, so it is difficult to make simultaneous calls and capture videos

clear network can provide the speed similar to home broadband, and it can watch videos more conveniently. This network is based on 4G WiMAX Technology, which can provide faster speed than the current 3G network

at present, clear network has an advantage in wireless data transmission speed. However, due to the lack of corresponding and limited coverage, this network has not helped sprint stop the loss of customers. In addition, even if the clear network can be used, the speed of e-mail sending, browsing and other operations of the clear network is not significantly better than that of the 3G network, which is why sprin preheating can also avoid the role of plastic residual internal pressure due to sudden cooling in extrusion. T will focus on video communication when promoting the clear network

david Owens, head of product marketing at sprint, said: "we really hope that consumers can experience the benefits of 4G networking. Although the company has not yet launched a video chat application for Evo, it will help developers develop this software."

evo 4G has a 4.3-inch touch screen, which is 30% larger than the screen size of Apple iPhone and runs Google's Android operating system. Sprint did not disclose the price or release time of this model, nor did it talk about the service charge

consumers can connect their laptop to Evo through Wi Fi network, so as to use WiMAX network, which is used as a "portable hotspot". Owens did not disclose whether sprint would charge extra for this feature. At present, Verizon Wireless charges $40 a month for this feature of palm smart pre plus

clear network is operated by clearwire, and sprint holds a minority stake in clearwire. Other investors in the network include cable TV companies, Intel and Google. The cities covered by the network include Philadelphia, Chicago, Seattle, Atlanta, etc. Clearwire plans to expand this network to New York, Boston, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Miami, Houston, Washington and other cities this year

Owens said that sprint does not plan to bundle Evo with clear network services, because Evo can also use the company's current 3G network

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