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Sprint and Google Voice fight against the two giants

"from 2008 to 2010, the number of postpaid accounts in our wireless business has been declining. On the contrary, the number of users of our two competitors has been rising." When sprint's explanation of last year's performance is still in the ear, the third largest mobile operator in the United States. 5. The testing provider of finished and semi-finished products has embarked on a new journey: in late March, sprint announced the integration of its voice business with Google's VOIP business, googlevoice

in the view of some foreign analysts, sprint's move "is like dropping a bomb on the communication market". Because googlevoice will directly erode the voice business revenue, the main source of profit for operators. Why did sprint choose to change his life at this time

traditional competition is difficult to gain advantages

for operators, user size is crucial

"if we can't attract and retain mobile users, our financial situation will be damaged. After that, we may face a series of problems, such as the need to deal with the letter of intent sent by other enterprises, being controlled by third-party capital, etc." Sprint wrote in the risk warning of the 2010 annual report. Verizonwireless, the largest mobile operator in the United States, also aims to expand its market share to obtain cash for sustainable investment

indeed, at present, several major operators in the United States are scrambling to invest a lot of money in building 4G networks and access networks throughout the United States, trying to make their network coverage surpass their rivals. This is a capital race, which needs good financial support. The number of sprint users continues to decline, resulting in its wireless business revenue is not optimistic

according to the annual report, sprint's wireless postpaid users showed a negative growth in 2007, with a decrease of 1.224 million in the total number of users that year; From 2008 to 2010, the number of users lost reached 4.073 million, 3.546 million and 855000 respectively. By the end of 2010, the number of subsequent paying users was only 33.249 million. Dragged down by this, the profit of its wireless department last year was only $4.531 billion, down 12.8%

on the contrary, the number of users of its two major competitors - verizonwireless and at t, the second largest mobile operator in the United States, has been growing. Data at the end of last year showed that the number of users of the two companies increased by 5.38% and 12.2% respectively, reaching 94.1 million and 95.536 million respectively

in the face of this situation, sprint has been trying to turn the tide. However, in terms of terminals, a key factor in the competition, sprint clearly lost

at t once attracted many new users because of its exclusive operation of iPhone in the United States. Data shows that in the 12 months since at t took over the iPhone, it has attracted 9.2 million new users, nearly 40% more than the 6.6 million users of verizonwireless in the same period. Part of the credit comes from the iPhone

when at t's exclusive iPhone sales agreement has not expired, the method of envy: 1 Verizonwire, which replaces the charging line of mobile phones, has good linearity and other advantages. Less once teamed up with rim, and all the machines can't work normally. It operates rim's first touch screen BlackBerry exclusively in the United States. At the same time, it also promotes Motorola's droid. Finally, in February this year, when the iPhone exclusive sales agreement expired, Verizon got the right to operate the iPhone as it wished

there is no doubt that terminals are a powerful tool for operators to compete for users. This is why at t and verizonwireless are so "in love" with iPhone. From the current situation, sprint has no particularly competitive end products

since it cannot gain advantages in terms of terminals, sprint hopes to create a price advantage to attract users. Sprint said that it provides "value driven wireless network services", so the service price is "very competitive". For example, sprint offers unlimited calls and text messages for $50. In addition, they "sell terminals at a price below cost"

but in fact, other operators are also doing what sprint does. For example, "sell terminals at a price lower than cost", which is implemented by every operator. In terms of service fees, at t also provides services with monthly rental fees as low as $15 a month

on the whole, sprint has no advantages in terms of terminal and service prices, and it does not have the financial strength of verizonwireless and at t. Now, sprint has encountered at t's desire to acquire T-Mobile, the fourth largest mobile operator in the United States, which is even worse. Sprint can only choose to make a revolution

follow the trend and make a revolution

in order to win the competition, many market participants broke the profit point of the original model and established a new business model. Taobao's defeat of eBay in the Chinese market is an example

abandoned eBay's profit model - charging sellers a series of service fees such as listing fees and transaction fees. Taobao attracted a large number of users with a free strategy, driving eBay out of China's C2C throne. After having traffic, Taobao makes profits by providing additional services and advertisements to sellers

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