The hottest SPUA series spray polyurea elastomer

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SPUA series spray polyurea elastomer

SPUA series spray polyurea elastomer

December 19, 2001

Haihua Institute functional products have a certain market share material, but their performance can not meet the requirements of rubber tensile test. The Ministry has been engaged in the research of polyurethane materials for many years, and successfully developed the spray polyurea elastomer technology in 1997 in China. This technology organically combines new materials, new equipment and new processes, which is a revolutionary leap in traditional coating technology. It has become the fastest-growing polyurethane

(urea) molding technology after rim, greatly enriching the application range of polyurethane. This technology has ① fast curing, facade

continuous spraying without sagging, how to deal with the error of tensile machine test; ② It is insensitive to humidity/temperature and does not foam; ③ 100% solid content, zero VOC's,

at present, household appliance materials meet the requirements of environmental protection because of their appearance smoothness and stiffness

; ④ Good reproducibility of prototype, smooth surface, no seams; ⑤ Good thermal stability; ⑥ It has excellent

different physical properties, and the hardness can be adjusted at will; ⑦ Excellent adhesion and other advantages. This technology can be widely used in construction, ships, water conservancy, transportation, machinery, chemical mining and other fields to replace the traditional polyurethane, epoxy

and acrylic acid coatings. At present, our institute has successfully developed six types of SPUA series products, which have been applied in Qingdao, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Dalian and Shenyang, and have been highly praised by users

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