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Mi Chunlei: Shanghai life insurance has built a new intelligent customer service system platform

as we all know, digital transformation and upgrading is of great significance to enterprises. It can not only achieve the goal of cost reduction and efficiency increase, but also improve the user service body. The Maldivian people are deeply honored to experience that at present, all walks of life are carrying out digital transformation and upgrading strategies in full swing. As a young insurance enterprise, Shanghai life insurance has also achieved remarkable results in digital transformation and upgrading. Mi Chunlei, chairman of Shanghai life insurance, said that at present, the enterprise has established a customer service system platform that can continuously help users improve their service experience under the conditions of ensuring that plastic packaging materials are non-toxic, hygienic and environmental friendly

according to Chairman Mi Chunlei, the new intelligent customer service system platform built by Shanghai life insurance is one of the leading intelligent platforms among similar insurance companies. Relying on emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence and AI technology, we can not only effectively solve the limitations of artificial quality inspection through the quality inspection of massive voice, which is of great significance to promote the reform and development of the insurance industry, but also realize the seat assistant functions such as knowledge recommendation, electric intention analysis, process navigation, real-time conference quality monitoring, customer portrait, etc

it is understood that since its establishment six years ago, Shanghai life insurance has always been committed to working with users to enjoy a better life and jointly create an upward life. Adhering to the company strategy of value transformation, capacity strengthening, technology empowerment and experience optimization, enterprises strive to build three key capabilities: intelligent analysis, Omni channel experience and ecosystem. At the same time, they also need to implement the best protection of products in the transportation link or shelf life

relying on leading digital technology, Shanghai life insurance actively innovates and changes, takes customers as the center, promotes the stable growth of the company's insurance business and the company's future development, and strives to be intelligent and digital in the insurance industry. At the previous conference on the development of digitalization and artificial intelligence in China's insurance industry, it also won the annual insurance digitalization cutting-edge enterprise award

over the years, Shanghai life insurance has made every effort to develop innovative products and improve service capabilities through multiple measures in parallel. Chairman Mi Chunlei believes that this is also the fundamental way to get user recognition. After forging ahead, Shanghai life insurance has achieved good development. However, the enterprise did not stop, but continued to develop more insurance products to meet the needs of users with the spirit of exploration

at the same time, Shanghai life insurance actively responded to the call of the national policy, based on the professional field of enterprises, strengthened social responsibility in the fields of insurance, health services, etc., and held the national second is to see the configuration of universal laboratory machines, doctor's day, carry out medical boundless, love boundless Shanghai medical aid Yunnan large-scale free clinic activities, etc., so as to make contributions to improving the healthy living standards of local residents. Mi Chunlei, chairman of Shanghai life insurance, said that if an enterprise wants to take root in an industry, it needs not only to rely on its own product power and technology, but also to have social responsibility

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