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In the morning of May 3, the 2017 second quarter marketing meeting of Hualing Xingma automobile group was held in the conference room on the fifth floor of Xingma Special Automobile Co., Ltd

at the meeting, the regional market principals reported on the marketing work respectively. Liuhanru, chairman of Valin Xingma group, attended the meeting and summarized and reflected on the marketing work in the first quarter in his speech, and put forward clear requirements for the key work in the second quarter. He said that he would spare no effort to sprint in the second quarter and fight a good marketing war. He asked the participants to take advantage of the opportunity of this meeting to learn from each other and explore new marketing ideas

since the first quarter, the heavy truck market as a whole has been OK, and Valin Xingma has also increased, especially for special vehicles and natural gas vehicles. In response to this, chairman Liu Hanru said that the second quarter, as the key period of grabbing the market all year round, we must be prepared to speed up the innovation of marketing mode and vigorously develop secondary networks

at the meeting, chairman Liu Hanru stressed that the core of marketing work is people. Sharpening the knife does not make mistakes in firewood cutting. Today, we will gather everyone here. We should take advantage of this opportunity to analyze the market and smooth our thinking. First of all, I hope everyone can strengthen their confidence and boost their morale. Every team should move towards the market with passion. Everyone should have a sense of urgency, pressure and purpose. There are many uncertain factors in the market this year, and we should adapt to the new normal, new changes and new trends; We should pay attention to the market, the needs of customers and the changes of competitors, and dare to make decisions and take responsibility. We should communicate with the headquarters and leaders in time, and the indentation residual depth h represents the hardness; We should maintain a high degree of sensitivity and sensitivity to the market. The market in 2017 is an opportunity market, and the ability to seize opportunities reflects everyone's level. We should let go of what we see and do it hard; For the heavy truck market in 2017, we should fight, grab, compete, never give up advantageous products, never give up any orders, fight for every order, and grab every machine; To achieve a high degree of collaboration, achieve the collaboration between the headquarters and the subsidiary companies, the subsidiary companies and the secondary network, as well as the entire Valin Xingma marketing network, and give full play to the greatest advantage of resources. Chairman Liu Hanru finally called on the participants to dare to develop the blank weak market, dare to make an article in the market segment, dare to break the tradition, innovate the marketing mode, and let our marketing team have hematopoietic function

in addition, the meeting pointed out that the overall market situation in the second quarter will still face many difficulties, and the market competition will be more intense, but at the same time, we should also see a series of favorable factors for China lingxingma, such as the increasingly prominent advantages of Hanma power and Hanma GearBox products, the more stable performance of Hanma H6 and Hanma H9 models, the gradual enhancement of market reputation, and the gradual expansion of dealer network. At the same time, with the implementation of relevant specific projects such as the national "the Belt and Road", the 13th five year plan, urbanization construction, municipal engineering construction, supply side reform, etc., new development opportunities will be brought to the heavy truck industry, which will further boost confidence. Valin Xingma should also implement its own "the Belt and Road", that is, the economic belt of "Northern Jiangsu, Northern Anhui, Henan and Shandong", and the "road" refers to the coal transportation line

the meeting also made clear the next action direction. Due to the rapid and large changes in market and demand, we should strengthen the demand research of market segments, grasp opportunities and hot spots, grasp trended products, grasp key models and key markets, use differentiated marketing means, do a good job in the market promotion of special coal lines, natural gas vehicles, dangerous chemical vehicles and trucks, and adjust the product structure. All marketing personnel should take the initiative to rush for delivery, reduce inventory, grasp orders, pay attention to changes in regulations and market opportunities, at the same time, pay attention to customer needs, and recommend appropriate overall solutions for products and services to customers; Aiming at this kind of manufacturing technology is also easy to produce in a large scale, we should innovate the marketing mode of different products in different regions, and pilot and promote the good mode

the total market value and free circulation market value of the index of regional heads are 4.06 trillion yuan and 1.12 trillion yuan respectively. In the report, they said that Valin Xingma products also have their own advantages, such as safety, economy and stability. They are also very competitive in the industry. As long as they give full play to these advantages, they will be able to succeed. Later, we will focus on the needs of market users, promote competitive products, pay attention to the construction of major projects in various regions, do a good job in the distribution of points, and strive to achieve the sales target

Zheng Zhiqiang, general manager of the group company, and leaders of various subsidiary companies made speeches successively. They said that they would strengthen the research on new changes and new situations in the market, strengthen communication with the market, develop products suitable for the new needs of the market, and serve the market well; Take multiple measures to further reduce manufacturing costs, strengthen the construction of marketing team, and do a good job in the market return visit. With hot passion, high morale, and persistent faith, they rushed to the second quarter. They briefed the staff of the U.S. Embassy on their worries about the industry, laying a solid foundation for the completion of the annual marketing goals

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