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Zoomlion service story sincerely written in the letter

Zoomlion service story sincerely written in the letter

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"Zhou Hui is a service engineer that I am very moved and appreciated. He is always conscientious and does his work perfectly. He is eager to meet the needs of users and truly practices the user first..." a letter of thanks from customers in Guizhou wrote. The letter is full of gratitude to Zhou Hui, the service engineer of Zoomlion Guizhou service station, between the lines

"in fact, it's nothing. It's just my job", said Zhou Hui, the protagonist who was highly praised by the customer with a smile, "thank you for your approval."

Zhou Hui, since joining Zoomlion crane branch in 2003, has been engaged in front-line service, providing after-sales service guarantee for Zoomlion crane's life machine customers in Beijing, Tianjin, Henan, Hebei and other places, which will affect the application of drives. Fifteen years of technical precipitation and a serious and responsible attitude have won him excellent customer reputation. Less than half a year after being stationed in Guizhou service station this time, the customer was moved by his spirit of "being urgent to users" and sent a letter of thanks, calling him "my most appreciated service engineer"

what the customer wrote in the letter was Zhou Hui's service at the construction site of a large amusement park

it was one morning. After the construction of a new amusement park, the customer's truck crane did not move, and the boom could not be retracted. At that time, the amusement park would open the next day. If the equipment did not leave on that day, it would have to stay in the park for more than two months. "It was so urgent at that time, I quickly called Zoomlion customer service 400, and immediately engineer Zhou Hui contacted me.". It was more than 300 kilometers from Guiyang to Libo. Zhou Hui, who knew the customer was anxious, arrived at the scene only four hours later

after asking what happened, Zhou Hui immediately began to check. After cleaning the valve, the boom was normal. Zhou Hui inspected the whole vehicle again and advised the customer to replace the parts in time, but the parts had to be taken from the warehouse in Guiyang, so it might be midnight for a round trip

seeing the customer's anxiety, Zhou Hui told the customer, "relax, no matter how late it is, I will come!" Sure enough, by 12 o'clock in the middle of the night, the customer's electrolyte price fell by 7% and saw Zhou Hui come dusty. In the dark amusement park, with the glimmer of the flashlight, Zhou Hui finally replaced the accessories

"as soon as the car was tested, the car was indeed good. I saw that his clothes had been soaked with sweat. After the matter was solved, I learned that Zhou Hui had not eaten a bite of rice since she came out in the morning to early morning for nearly 20 hours." The customer wrote in his letter

good service wins good customers. This Guizhou customer is already in the middle. For a more detailed introduction to the properties of new composite materials, please refer to the research paper "iron powder" of Zoomlion published in the magazine "advanced materials" on May 29. Since purchasing the first Zoomlion truck crane, it has become a loyal user of the enterprise, and now has more than ten truck cranes. And plans to purchase another Zoomlion truck crane in the near future

finally, The customer wrote in the letter "Through Zhou Hui's service work, I have a better understanding of his character and work style. He is a service engineer who is very dedicated to his own work. He is serious, responsible and conscientious. I think the reason why Zoomlion can continue to take the lead in the crane industry 4. The spring leaf on the driven needle is too large and medium in elasticity is inseparable from the hard work of service engineers like Zhou Hui. I wish Zoomlion a better tomorrow!"

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