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Service robots take root in the market segment, and industrial robots are applied in many fields such as home appliances. On November 17, the 20th China International High Tech Fair (hereinafter referred to as the high tech Fair) has entered its fourth day. In recent high-tech trade fairs, service robots have become well deserved protagonists, many of whom can sing, dance and so on. At this year's high tech fair, it was found that service robots of category 2c are more focused on vertical segmentation, while industrial robots of category 2B have increased in number and showed more creativity in functions. Many robot enterprises have laid out industrial manufacturing, smart cities and other fields

service robots take root in the market segment and open up an innovative blue ocean

Yijin (4) the pressure of the pressure stabilizing spring of the oil spill valve of the metal impact tester is too high; After entering Hall 5 of the high tech fair, I saw Wukong dancing in the exhibition area of youbixuan, which was very cute. The relevant person in charge of youbixuan said that Wukong has the functions of face recognition, picture book recognition, video surveillance, object recognition, and graphic programming in cooperation with programming cat. It has 14 steering gear joints and is also equipped with Tencent Jingdong AI assistant. According to the introduction, the robot sales volume of Ubisoft this year is expected to be 200000 and 300000, mainly 2C educational robots

although there are fewer robots singing and dancing in the daily maintenance of electronic universal testing machines at the high tech fair, most of the service robot enterprises who come to the high tech fair show new ideas: robots are no longer satisfied with basic functions, but take root in vertical fields such as education and companionship, and constantly create new blue ocean markets

the pudding Mini Bean intelligent robot from Beijing intelligent housekeeper technology was officially launched at the end of September. It focuses on the field of childcare and Enlightenment from pregnancy to postpartum, mainly including childcare consultants, childcare reminders, age-specific enlightenment and other functions

industrial robots are used in many fields such as home appliances

in Shenzhen, from the patent application situation, an intelligent security patrol robot with monitoring function is moving and monitoring according to the area set by the merchant in hall 1 of the Convention and Exhibition Center. It is understood that the robot series includes three types of patrol machine, sheriff's outdoor patrol robot and all terrain field patrol robot. According to the person in charge, this series of robots have many functions, such as all-weather autonomous patrol, face recognition, video analysis, fire warning, weather data monitoring and so on, and can easily deal with the patrol work of flat land, Gobi, jungle, desert and other ground types

more and more industrial robots are appearing at the high-tech fair: mechanical arms used in household appliances, traditional light industry and other fields, work closely with engineers to complete the assembly of accessories; Robots that can cook vegetables constantly produce excellent dishes with all kinds of flavors, attracting long queues of spectators to taste; Robots such as sweeping the floor and cleaning windows also showed the latest technology at this year's high-tech fair

future trends to create a mutually beneficial symbiotic industry ecosystem

at the high-tech fair, easy-to-make robots from Shenzhen showed such a scene: through the intervention of AI technology, food production makes full use of machine camera vision system to efficiently analyze the incoming material situation, Finally, intelligent production has realized the transformation of the traditional food processing and manufacturing industry to the new manufacturing era

in the field of robots, many enterprises choose to keep warm together to create a mutually beneficial and symbiotic industry ecosystem. At the high tech fair, hard egg technology and Baidu jointly launched the aiot ecological platform. 1. Pants tearing method: pants tearing method is an AI technology of plastic film and sheet tear resistance experimental method, which is applied to the IOT (IOT) field. The ultimate goal is to let wanduan access aiot

according to Wang Gang, vice president of public relations of hard egg technology, some good robot companies with prominent tool attributes will be left in the future. They will take root in the vertical segmentation field, constantly improve their own technology and seize the market space

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