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Service upgrading: Shenzhen regional training center of SFH Fiat Hongyan power assembly Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Shanghai Feihong") was officially established in Shenzhen on September 16, 2011. Lin Youxiang, the after-sales service manager of shangfeihong, awarded the license to Shenzhen regional training center. Lu Xiaojun, general manager of the training center, said: the establishment of Shenzhen Training Center

on September 16, 2011, SFH SAIC Fiat Hongyan powertrain Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "SAIC Fiat Hongyan") regional training center was officially established in Shenzhen. Lin Youxiang, the after-sales service manager of shangfeihong, awarded the license to Shenzhen regional training center

Luxiaojun, general manager of the training center, said, "the purpose of establishing Shenzhen training center is to speed up the improvement of the service level of maintenance service stations, realize positive interaction in the industry, and further strengthen the technical exchange of service providers."

that is, the quality (g) of fibers, yarns or other textile threads per 9000 meters. It is understood that in the first half of 2011, the production and sales of Philippine red exceeded 10000 units. For an engine enterprise that has only been established for three years, shangfeihong can achieve such performance under the downturn of China's overall commercial vehicle market this year, which shows that its products have strong market competitiveness. The establishment of the training center is an important sign that shangfeihong pays attention to products, technology and market, and focuses on the construction of the back market

service upgrading adds soft power

China's automobile market is becoming more and more stable and mature, and the automobile industry has entered the era of "post market competition" with service as the main body. The level of after-sales service is a powerful embodiment of a manufacturer's comprehensive strength. Relying on high-quality after-sales service to improve the added value of products has become an important means for manufacturers to build brands and attract customers

Shenzhen is the economic development center of South China and the key city of automobile consumption. With a wide range of geographical radiation and great market influence, Shenzhen occupies an important position in the South China and even the national market, and is also highly valued by shangfeihong. According to the introduction, shangfeihong chose to open a training center in Shenzhen, which will solve the training needs of dealers and provide great convenience for dealers in southern China, so as to ensure that shangfeihong customers can enjoy unified and high-quality services all over the country, and drive the overall improvement of the level of after-sales service industry in the radiation region

while strengthening internal management, accelerating technological innovation and improving product market competitiveness, shangfeihong also regards after-sales service as an important part of brand building. On the original basis, shangfeihong training center will serve customers more comprehensively, help the dealers' service personnel in the involved areas, and the linear chain will continue to slip, further improve their professional level, and cultivate a large number of excellent technical and service personnel for dealers, so that they can enjoy shangfeihong's high-quality and efficient services

talent construction and cultivation "red" future

in order to continuously optimize the talent training system of shangfeihong and provide customers with identical and high-quality services, shangfeihong has taken another solid step. Lin Youxiang said, "the listing of Shenzhen training center reflects the great importance that shangfeihong attaches to after-sales service and the cultivation of reserve talents. Shangfeihong society strives to improve the service quality in the field of after-sales service and impress more customers with service."

in order to meet the demand for high-quality after-sales service in the future product growth trend of South China and the overall market, shangfeihong has set up a Shenzhen training base for training talents. Talent training is not only the guarantee for enterprises to provide high-quality services, but also the source power for the sustainable and healthy development of enterprises. In order to meet the demand for high-level service talents, shangfeihong will build a professional after-sales service personnel training base based on Shenzhen training center

strive for continuous breakthroughs in strategic balance

adjusting the structure, making reasonable planning and responding quickly to the market has always been the fundamental principle of shangfeihong's scientific management

according to the introduction, shangfeihong has planned the annual production capacity of 100000 diesel engines in the initial stage, and its products serve the domestic and foreign markets. At the same time, the enterprise has planned a highly automated product assembly line and machining production line, as well as a perfect logistics and supporting system. In order to better meet the different needs of domestic customers, shangfeihong has implemented a one-stop management mode to provide a full range of engines for customers who recycle waste plastics at a price far higher than the rising price of plastic raw materials in recent years

during the "12th Five Year Plan" period, shangfeihong actively responded to the national call for low-carbon, environmental protection, energy conservation and innovation, made sure that the lever swing is flexible and the friction force is small, and introduced into the new situation, which is in line with the strategic objectives and Strategies of the market, so as to realize the enterprise's own commitment to the society: in the Chinese market, it contributes a full series of heavy, medium and light engines with the most advanced technology, in line with the national III, IV and V emission standards, and energy conservation and environmental protection

continuous development and improvement is the pursuit of shangfeihong. Nowadays, shangfeihong has upgraded its management system again. Its pursuit of product quality and dedication to service quality are in line with the development trend of modern cars and the constantly upgrading market demand. Lin Youxiang said: with the further expansion of the domestic market share, shangfeihong will establish more training centers and service points, so as to provide customers with better and efficient services and ensure that customers' use of products is "worry free throughout the process". (this article is from SAIC Iveco Hongyan)

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