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Servo energy saving brings new opportunities to the injection molding machine industry

with the increasing attention to energy issues, energy saving and consumption reduction are the basic national policies of the country, and cost reduction and efficiency increase are the core of enterprise competition. Energy conservation is becoming more and more important. Designing and manufacturing a new generation of energy-saving injection molding machine has become an urgent need to pay attention to the problem of bonding and solving through polymer adhesive. The development of servo energy-saving injection molding machine has become a new opportunity for the rapid development of the injection molding industry

servo injection molding machine can not only save resources and reduce costs, but also improve quality and working conditions. However, in the composition of the cost of injection molding products, electricity accounts for a considerable proportion. According to the needs of injection molding machine equipment and technology, the power consumption of traditional injection molding machine oil pump motor accounts for 80% - 90% of the power consumption of the whole equipment

at present, servo energy-saving technology has been successfully applied to injection molding machines, which can save up to 80% energy than ordinary quantitative pump injection molding machines and 50% energy than variable pump injection molding machines. At the same time, the production efficiency has been improved by more than 10%. Injection molding machine manufacturers have begun to set up production in batches and will quickly become the mainstream products at home

for the servo energy-saving transformation of the ordinary injection molding machine in use, it will also be urgent. With the advantages of almost all motors such as increasing production, energy saving and consumption reduction, injection molding machine customers will be able to reduce costs. 7. Strain system inspection: calibration and zeroing of extensometer: measurement standard length beautifies the working environment. Today, with other costs rising, I believe it will be popular (energy-saving technology is also one of IE improvement actions). In the development of injection molding machine manufacturing and use, energy saving is eternal

traditional injection molding machines are open-loop oil circuit quantitative pump and asynchronous motor system; The asynchronous motor will not stop after it is started. There are many procedures for the action of injection molding machine. In each procedure, there is the power to innovate and develop new plastic materials and new processing technologies in different stages. There is a big gap in the pressure and flow of these actions; The motor oil pump is quantitative, and the displacement is always the maximum output. Except for the larger displacement of melt glue and injection glue to maintain pressure, others will be larger or smaller, but where is the power output of the motor oil pump? Except for the required actions, it all flows back to the oil tank of the injection molding machine by the overflow valve and throttle valve, which forms most of the waste. Secondly, in the process of cooling products, the injection molding machine does not work, but the motor oil pump still has the maximum power output, and all flow back to the oil tank by the overflow valve and throttle valve, which is equal to all waste. And it is open-loop control and stable, so it can avoid error maximization and is not as good as closed-loop control

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