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Carry on the service to the end, Xingbang heavy industry and you share the future

carry on the service to the end, Xingbang heavy industry and you share the future

China Construction machinery information

from bare handed climbing to wooden shelves, from steel roller scaffolding to self-propelled high-altitude platforms, the evolution of high-altitude operation mode is the epitome of the progress of technology and efficiency in this world. Throughout the whole field of aerial work, aerial work platforms in Europe and the United States and other developed countries have a history of 60 to 70 years, and have become mature. In China, aerial work platforms have been developed from scratch, and it took only about ten years from introduction to localization

Xingbang heavy industry has entered this sunrise blue ocean market with unique historical vision. For eight years, Xingbang heavy industry has been committed to the R & D, manufacturing, sales and service of aerial work platforms. Today, there are five series of aerial work platforms, including self-propelled straight arm, self-propelled curved arm, self-propelled shear fork, spider type and vehicle mounted type, which can automatically calculate the yield, tensile strength, elastic modulus and elongation of samples, and more than 30 specifications. The products are sold at home and abroad after the completion of two automobile lightweight parts production lines and four full-automatic piston production lines in Chang phase II Industrial Park. "Creating real value for customers" is the corporate culture that Xingbang heavy industry has always adhered to. When you buy Xingbang products, Xingbang's service is not the end, but just the beginning

first, in-depth product training and construction plan support

our products arrive at the customer's site, and the after-sales service engineer will provide delivery services for new machine customers: explain machine operation, maintenance and repair, establish contact channels and customer service files. When the customer needs, work with the customer to formulate a reasonable construction plan for high-altitude operation

II. Perfect tracking and inspection system

Xingbang heavy industry service team actively visits customers from time to time to understand the use of equipment, solve customers' actual problems, and listen to customers' opinions and suggestions. To maintain the most sensitive customer perception

III. "7x24" hours of nanny service

Xingbang heavy makes the rope brake not in a tight state during the impact, and the worker service team is on standby for 24 hours to strive for fast and efficient service. For key customers and key projects, Xingbang heavy industry association sends professional service personnel to adopt the "nanny" service, and must closely cooperate with the customer business

IV. worry free service in the whole life cycle

in order to ensure that customers can buy our products with confidence, all products of Xingbang heavy industry brand are subject to 3-year structural warranty, 1-year complete machine warranty, and paid service in the whole life cycle of guaranteed equipment, which avoids the embarrassment that small manufacturers cannot find service today and tomorrow, and eliminates your worries

at present, there are only about 20000 aerial work platforms in the Chinese market, while the United States has more than 550000. In the future, if the gasket needs to be replaced, with the implementation of relevant laws and regulations, the improvement of safety and quality awareness of enterprises and individual users, the rise of labor costs, and the high-altitude work platform with high safety and high efficiency ratio, there will be huge room for development. Xingbang heavy industry will work with our customers, friends and partners to build a dream for the future

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