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Good service upgrading effect Lovol Sanxia service ends perfectly

good service upgrading effect Lovol Sanxia service ends perfectly

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Guide: at present, the large-scale cross regional wheat harvest in Sanxia across the country has basically ended. According to the Ministry of agriculture, the national wheat machine harvest has reached 87.8% this year, nearly 2 percentage points higher than last year. According to statistics, 500000 harvesters have been put into summer harvest in China this year, of which more than 300000 are Lovol Valley gods, accounting for the harvesters for summer operation

at present, the large-scale cross regional machine harvest of wheat in Sanxia has basically ended. According to the Ministry of agriculture, the national wheat machine harvest has reached 87.8% this year, nearly 2 percentage points higher than last year. According to statistics, 500000 harvesters have been put into summer harvest nationwide this year, of which more than 300000 are Lovol Ceres, accounting for 60% of the harvesters for summer harvest. As the agricultural equipment manufacturer with the largest sales volume and market ownership of harvesters in China, the importance of Foton Lovol heavy industry's Sanxia service to the smooth development of Sanxia wheat harvest is self-evident

since its establishment, Foton Lovol heavy industry has led the industry service mode from differentiation to branding through continuous exploration, and has achieved five leaps and bounds. This year, Foton Lovol heavy industry Sanxia service has carried out work around "one-stop", accessory information management, information service upgrading and other innovations on the basis of consolidating the existing service advantages, and has once again made an important contribution to the perfect ending of Sanxia wheat harvest service

"one stop" service helps users snap up

in the service process of this year's summer, Foton Lovol heavy industries adopted the service mode of "three vertical and one horizontal, and the combination of sections and blocks", and planned 12 major wheat producing provinces and regions in China, such as Henan, Hebei, Shandong, Hubei, Jiangsu, Beijing, Tianjin and Tangshan, from south to north, into four service lines, three vertical and one horizontal, and divided service block areas around the service lines, A front-line sub command center is established at the service terminal in conjunction with the agricultural machinery department and service providers to coordinate and command various service resources and provide users with 24-hour high-quality services. A total of 3350 Sanxia wheat harvest service personnel, 885 Sanxia service vehicles and more than 35 million yuan of spare parts resources have been invested

under the premise of sufficient resources, in order to further enhance the company's service advantages and promote the continuous and healthy development of various businesses, the company further explored and practiced the "one-stop" service mode this year

agricultural equipment products and services are mainly divided into three aspects: host, engine and bridge box. Liu Qingguo, director of Lovol agricultural equipment service, told, "although the original large-scale service mode can realize the integrated utilization of upstream and downstream service resources, it also has the disadvantages of decentralized service resources. The time difference between host manufacturers and supporting manufacturers in resource coordination may increase the waiting time of users." To this end, Lovol agricultural equipment innovatively launched a "one-stop" service based on the service mode of the automotive industry

learned that the so-called "one-stop service" is the integration of service resources. As long as customers have needs, once they enter a service site of Lovol, all problems can be solved, and there is no need to find a second one. It mainly includes three aspects, that is, one-stop information, and all service information is uniformly managed by the service command center; One stop resource allocation. All resource allocation is coordinated by the management platform; The service is one-stop, and all service events are finally closed by the acceptor

by establishing professional service stations with major strategic suppliers and cultivating comprehensive service personnel, Lovol agricultural equipment service station has a comprehensive service capability integrating agricultural machinery and key components, which can effectively avoid the problem of inadequate service connection and greatly improve customer satisfaction. Liu Qingguo said, "in the first half of the year, the company established 76 one-stop service channels with power manufacturers and bridge box manufacturers. At present, the company has more than 200 one-stop service channels, accounting for nearly 50% of the total service channels of the company, and the overall service capacity has been significantly improved."

at the same time, during the period of Sanxia, Foton Lovol heavy industry set up 16 sub command centers and 100 green service channel stations in the main wheat producing areas of the country according to the transfer route of cross regional users from south to north. The sub command centers and stations were connected in series by information means to form an unimpeded cross regional operation service channel and provide one-stop comprehensive services for cross regional users, Escort the summer harvest

the informatization management parts are guaranteed to be "fast" and "accurate"

as the saying goes, "before soldiers and horses move, food and grass go first". As an important part of Sanxia service, parts management bears the important responsibility of logistics support and supply. In the "three summer" season this year, in order to send the accessories required by users to their hands quickly and conveniently, Lovol agricultural equipment accessories are scientifically analyzed, and the supply of accessories is subject to accurate information management, which effectively ensures the timely supply of accessories during the whole three summer period

it was learned that Foton Lovol heavy industry has been running the VEI system since September 1, 2010, bringing accessories into the unified information management. Up to now, the system has operated very smoothly. According to the personnel from the IT Department of Foton Lovol heavy industry, the system realizes the unified coding management of nearly 10000 kinds of spare parts resources, realizes the unified information management of Foton Lovol heavy industry and its dealers in the submission, supply and shipment of spare parts, and realizes the high integration and unification of logistics, information flow and capital flow. If the dealer fails to calibrate and adjust the force measurement system according to the user's accessories, it is likely to cause error in the test results. The demand and its own inventory situation will be reported to Foton Lovol heavy industry through the system, and the order will be generated. After the company's review and confirmation, the warehouse out plan and shipping order will be automatically generated, and then the accessories will be sent to the dealer's parts warehouse in time

the operation of this system has improved the accuracy of parts purchase orders to 95%, controlled the error rate of parts delivery within 2%, and shortened the supply cycle of parts by an average of 2 days. During the cross region operation of Sanxia, the system played its accurate and timely role, meeting the needs of local users for accessories to the greatest extent, ensuring the effective operation time of users, and maximizing the benefits of users

strong guarantee for information service upgrading

since the Foton Lovol heavy industry information service center was officially completed and put into use in April 2003, it has been upgraded on a large scale for four consecutive times, with a total investment of more than 30 million. At present, it has formed an information service business capacity with 64 full-time seats, 25000 daily processing and more than 1 million daily information release. Through modern information service means such as Internet, Internet and SMS, It can realize the seamless connection between enterprises and customers around the clock and multi-dimensional, so that users can fully share the full-time, efficient and convenient information services

this year, the information service center has carried out a series of "soft upgrades". The number of expert seats in the information service center has increased to 23, 13 more than in the past. During this three summer period, the service effect of serving the army has become increasingly prominent. In view of their relatively rich experience in technical services, especially for problems such as adjustment faults, the ability to solve problems at one time is greatly improved, the call in solution time is shortened, the user's wheat harvest time is saved, and the pressure of front-line service is correspondingly relieved. In addition, because these "technical experts" are originally the special identities of front-line service personnel, they have a good understanding of the products, services and other resources of the market terminal, and can schedule and deal with user problems in a timely and reasonable manner

in addition, the biggest highlight of the SMS service of Foton Lovol heavy industry information service center this year is to adjust the original "9+1" information to "3+5+1" information. 3. There are three major information: operation skills, agricultural machinery maintenance and technical maintenance, which mainly involve the use and maintenance of agricultural machinery products. Such information has a high demand from users, which directly determines the level of users' operation of machines; 5. It includes operation progress, machine collection price, supply and demand information, weather and traffic information, which is directly related to the flow direction and income of users' cross regional machine collection; 1. Comprehensive information, which is the policy information that users pay more attention to. Compared with the original "9+1" information classification, "3+5+1" information classification is more in line with the actual needs of users, which will further improve the pertinence of information transmission and better meet the needs of users for information

according to statistics, during the three summers of this year, the information service center sent 189 kinds of messages to users across the country, with a total of more than 20 million text messages. In addition, from June 9 to June 22, the information service center also provided special information services for the agricultural machinery bureau to the designated operators, sending a total of 35 times, with a total of 439000 messages. It enables users to fully share the efficiency and convenience of information services, which has become a strong guarantee for the nationwide three summer cross data report printing and other regional operations, and ensures the storage of wheat particles

at the same time, in terms of network services, while continuing to provide comprehensive highlights, information services, agricultural machinery information, local focus, maintenance, green channels and other related content, this year, we will focus on the functions of the information service module, strengthen the functions of the maintenance module and improve the operation ability of users, so as to ensure the effective utilization of the machine. During the summer vacation this year, the service has achieved a total of nearly 1000 real-time updates of ten categories of service information, opening up a new service channel and providing users with rich and timely summer vacation operation information

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