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"Service in the cloud -" white paper on the concept of cloud outsourcing "is newly released

recently, Dingtao's latest research achievement -" service in the cloud - "white paper on the concept of cloud outsourcing" was officially released. Qi Haitao, CEO of Dingtao company, was the editor in chief of the white paper, which took half a year to complete. More than 5000 domestic service outsourcing enterprises and more than 8000 outsourcing companies and 12000 software and IT companies from India, Japan, the United States and European countries will also receive the electronic version of the white paper today

in the white paper, firstly, it discusses the changes and impacts brought by the "cloud era" to the outsourcing industry, so as to introduce the concept of cloud outsourcing and elaborate it, then analyzes the impact of cloud outsourcing on outsourcing enterprises and the "cloud" path of service outsourcing enterprises, then enumerates the application practices of large enterprises on cloud outsourcing, as well as the application of cloud services in software and outsourcing parks, and finally looks forward to the era of service outsourcing 3.0, Cloud outsourcing brings great opportunities and broad application prospects to service outsourcing enterprises

in the wave of cloud computing, outsourcing services based on "cloud" platform and "cloud" mode have emerged, and have increasingly become the mainstream and trend of the development of the outsourcing industry. Ding Tao defines this outsourcing service based on "cloud" platform and "cloud" mode as "cloud outsourcing". The emergence of cloud outsourcing has brought fundamental changes to the service mode and business mode of outsourcing enterprises, and also brought rare opportunities to outsourcing enterprises. Driven by these factors, Ding Tao has put forward some growth paths for service outsourcing enterprises. For example, build a multi client data center based on cloud computing to reduce their own costs and improve their services to confirm the accuracy and configuration speed of the experimental machine, and create cloud services based on vertical industries

The era of cloud outsourcing has arrived. Amazon, Google, IBM, Microsoft, Yahoo and other large companies are the pioneers of cloud computing. Now more and more enterprises deploy services on the "cloud" side, transforming from cost arbitrage mode to efficiency scale mode. For example, Infosys released the hybrid cloud BPO service mode without plugging it into the power socket, Ansai Asia Pacific launched the Pera "R & D cloud" platform, Wipro technologies is experimenting with a centralized computing cloud computing, etc. In addition, according to the unified deployment of the national leading group for the development of new materials industry, China's local outsourcing enterprises have also begun to explore cloud outsourcing, such as the cloud sea strategy of nylon line tensile machine Inspur Group

"cloud" is creating a new ecosystem, which will become the leader of the new era of integration and new ways of customer cooperation. "Cloud outsourcing" based on cloud computing and SaaS service mode will greatly subvert the current service outsourcing and it service industry, just as the development opportunity brought by the "Millennium Bug" to Indian outsourcing enterprises in the 1990s, this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to subvert the industrial pattern, and it is also a great opportunity for China's service outsourcing industry and enterprises to "counter surpass" the world giants. CTI Forum Report

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