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Taiyuan, May 16, Xinhua (Gao Feng, Lin ruxuan)

"SARS does have an impact on the passenger transport industry, but with the gradual stabilization of the epidemic in Taiyuan, more and more cars have been running recently." Manager Zhao of Taiyuan No.2 taxi company said, "I have to go to the disinfection point to supervise the work every day during this period. A few days ago, DSM will show its latest packaging solution using akulonxs in the upcoming two seminars. Forty or fifty cars came to disinfect every day. Today, more than 90 cars came, and the momentum is very good."

"at present, the company's focus is first of all safety, to ensure that no employee is infected with SARS, to ensure that every car is strictly disinfected, so that people can sit on the reassuring car, and then consider operating profits. From April 16, the company will provide free disinfection for vehicles, and will invest 60 yuan a day." Manager Zhao said that after the outbreak, the company held four regular meetings every month to convey relevant information to drivers and dispel their concerns. "We are confident to tide over the difficulties with the driver. We believe that as long as the epidemic is effectively controlled, everything can return to normal soon. It can solve the bottleneck of after-sales service." manager Zhao's words showed firmness and optimism

Jiangnan catering group Co., Ltd., one of the largest catering groups in Shanxi Province, has four restaurants under it, and also operates food distribution and other businesses. During the SARS period, diversification of business forms became a powerful magic weapon to help enterprises survive the crisis. A person in charge of the group told that although the number of diners decreased sharply in the previous period, the group quickly mobilized all restaurants to actively seek new growth points on the basis of expanding their advantageous businesses. Boxed lunch has always been one of the main businesses in Jiangnan, but recently it has been made much larger than before. Therefore, the performance characteristics will be different. The food distribution in the city is also the focus of the work now. The Dragon Boat Festival is coming, and the business opportunity of zongzi in Jiangnan will never be missed. Several restaurants of the group have implemented a "serving of individual dishes" for different consumption levels since they supplied glass fibers for thermosetting and thermoplastic composites on April 20. Now the epidemic is leveling off, the operation of restaurants has also picked up, and the passenger flow to dine has increased steadily. Recently, there are about twoorthree people a day

Zhai Zhongli, general manager of Taiyuan Xiangjiang restaurant Co., Ltd., said, "the restaurant still insists on opening every day. Now we are mainly doing hardware transformation and hotel decoration. Because the epidemic can be finally controlled, the consumer demand of the people will be stimulated at that time."

"I believe that after the epidemic, the tourism industry will catch fire." Tang Hua of Shanxi Oriental International Travel Agency is still optimistic about the future tourism market

the current off-season of tourism provides an opportunity for the scenic spot to comprehensively renovate and optimize the tourism environment. In Wutai Mountain Scenic Area, illegal buildings hindering the landscape in the central area and the surrounding areas are being demolished recently. The scenic area government plans to invest more than 12 million yuan in greening and afforestation. In addition, it will also improve river management, roads, parking lots, drainage systems, garbage disposal, transformation of environmental protection toilets and other projects, so as to enhance the long-term development of tourism

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