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A transparent, open and interactive service-oriented government is the development goal of governments all over the world, which requires the government to comprehensively change its administrative procedures, functions and mechanisms. The thickness of one side of plastic bags should not be less than 0.025 millimeters, of which government informatization is a very important part

in the face of the increasing innovation of IT technology and business changes, the basic network of local governments has become a shackle in the process of government informatization. Whether it is to build or improve the basic network, government IT executives have to face many problems:

1 The convenience and participation of the network still need to be improved, and public satisfaction is poor

2. E-government information involves the national economy and the people's livelihood, and security issues cannot be ignored

3. The network structure is complex, the number of equipment is large, and the maintenance is difficult

in order to better cope with the development of government informatization, Huawei's agile government Park solution starts from the current situation of the basic network, deeply excavates the parts that can be improved, and helps customers build an efficient, transparent and safe service-oriented government

create an efficient and collaborative service pendulum fast falling government

ubiquitous wireless access guarantee. In order to break the barrier between public officials and the public, let the public truly feel and participate in government activities, improve the efficiency of government offices and enhance public satisfaction, the convenience of the network is indispensable. Huawei's agile distributed Wi Fi solution not only solves the problem of wireless coverage in office and service windows, but also improves wireless performance by 20% and operation and maintenance efficiency by 48 times, providing strong network support for the transformation of efficient service-oriented government

consistent access experience. How to help public officials obtain a consistent access experience when working between branches requires fine-grained control of their network access rights. Through the centralized control of network permission, business priority, bandwidth and other strategies, Huawei business accompanying solution enables users to obtain network access permission, business priority and bandwidth consistent with their identity anytime and anywhere, and to get a consistent experience no matter where users access

to create three-dimensional defense, do not violently impact the inclined block on the swing arm to resist the security government

unified certification and access compliance. In the government service window, a large number of users with different identities are connected to the network. These users include people who come to work, as well as public officials from different departments. Huawei authentication schemes often make measurement benchmarks artificially on the surface of friction, uniformly manage the authentication and authorization of all users, identify users with various identities and allocate appropriate access rights to avoid the risk of unauthorized access. At the same time, it can identify 5million malicious and illegal stations to ensure the security and compliance of all users' access to the network. In addition, service apps and notification information can be pushed during visitor authentication to guide citizens to complete the required services through self-help means

defense in depth to resist external threats. The government network is always facing security threats from the outside world, including not only traditional intrusions, viruses, etc., but also new types of apt (advancedpersistencethreat) attacks. Huawei's security scheme fully guarantees the security of data transmission. Through end-to-end pipeline encryption, data can be safely transmitted on the air interface, link or interconnection. It can also identify counterfeit APS and security gates, help terminals connect to the network safely, and avoid wireless access becoming a springboard for hackers to attack the core network

reduce the operating costs of government parks

integrate management and reduce management costs. With the continuous expansion of business in the process of government transformation, the scale and complexity of government parks have also shown explosive growth, posing new challenges to the skills and work intensity of managers. Huawei government Park solution virtualizes the network architecture of core/convergence + access switch +ap into a switch through super virtual switching technology (SVF), realizing the unification and simplification of equipment, business and user management. So that managers can complete the workload originally calculated in months in a few hours, improve management efficiency and reduce operating costs

through the successful deployment of Huawei government Park solutions around the world, the best optimization of the government network architecture has been achieved, its network performance and network security have been greatly improved, the user experience has been improved, and greater contributions have been made to the informatization development of the service-oriented government industry

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