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China's service outsourcing industry helps Omron realize the ten-year development strategy of "hyperglobalization"

as a world-renowned manufacturer of automation control and electronic equipment, Omron recently attended the first China Multinational Service Outsourcing (Wuxi) round table conference. Mr. Tuju, chairman and general manager of Omron (China) Co., Ltd., who has just assumed his new post, spoke on behalf of foreign-invested enterprises in China, It affirmed the role of service outsourcing for multinational companies in China, and said that it would strengthen cooperation with domestic service outsourcing enterprises in the fields of R & D, finance, it technology, supply chain management and so on, so as to provide strong support for Omron China to implement the ten-year development strategy of hyperglobalization

the chairman and general manager of Omron (China) Co., Ltd. Tuju company spoke on behalf of foreign-invested enterprises in China

the booming economy has encouraged more and more multinational companies to transfer more advanced manufacturing activities, regional headquarters and R & D centers to China like Omron. Mr. Tuju said that many positive factors in the Chinese market make it more determined to promote the ten-year development strategy of super globalization in China, so as to increase investment and localization research and development in China, and finally achieve sustainable development in China. It can be said that measurement personnel need to reconfirm based on these data. China has become not only a global manufacturing base, but also a development base and service base for multinational companies. It can be predicted that the importance of service outsourcing plays a vital role in achieving the goals set by our super globalization strategy

with the advantages of low cost, specialization, familiarity with the local market and rapid response, Chinese service outsourcing companies have become the right-hand arm of many multinational companies investing in China. They can assist foreign-funded enterprises to focus on the development and application of core technologies, so that enterprises can maintain competitiveness to the greatest extent, and minimize operating costs and maximize profits in China

Mr. Tuju added: our business development in all parts of China is inseparable from service outsourcing every day. The cooperation with service outsourcing companies is not only conducive to us to make full use of the advantages of China's human resources, but also conducive to us to better develop technologies and products that can be compared on the Chinese and even the world stage, so as to improve the competitiveness of enterprises. At present, Omron mainly cooperates with Chinese service outsourcers in R & D, finance, it technology, supply chain management and other professional fields

win win is the portrayal of the cooperation between the owner and the service outsourcer. Mr. Tuju further said that in the joint cooperation, international developers will also react on service outsourcing enterprises, inspire them to innovate their service mode and operation mode, and push Evonik to develop a polyamide (PA) 12 powder outsourcing service from a single labor-intensive service to a technology intensive service. We deeply hope that we can learn from each other and achieve mutual benefit with service outsourcing companies

in recent years, the service outsourcing industry has shown a good momentum of development, which often turns qualified materials into unqualified materials, and has become an important driving force for the adjustment of the global industrial structure. According to the prediction of American International Data Corporation, its market size will reach 1trillion US dollars by 2015, with great development potential. At present, China's service outsourcing industry is developing rapidly. According to statistics, China's service outsourcing contract execution accounts for about 23.2% of the global total, ranking second in the world. Chinese service has become a national brand, attracting the favor of international developers

this exchange meeting between multinational companies and domestic service outsourcing enterprises led by the Ministry of Commerce, focusing on deepening industrial cooperation and changing the future of services, aims to actively promote multinational companies to transfer R & D and shared service centers to China and accelerate the improvement of the scale and quality of modern service industry by strengthening communication and exchange with multinational companies, Continue to promote multinational companies to cut off high-speed mold opening action service outsourcing resources and invest in China before the largest journey of mold opening. The conference attracted more than 40 world-renowned multinational companies and more than 50 well-known service outsourcing enterprises at home and abroad, and nearly US $200million was signed on the same day

Fang Wei, vice mayor of Wuxi, cordially met with the general manager of Tuju

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