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Service first, Capacity Upgrading - the global travel of Sany crane value service in 2020 officially set sail

sharpen your beard and be ready to go. On August 18, 2020, the launching ceremony of Sany crane 2020 global travel of "service first, capacity upgrading and value service" was grandly held. Sunxinliang, chairman of Sany Heavy Lift division, Li Lianwen, general manager of marketing company, Dai min, President of Research Institute, Liu Wei, general manager of international marketing company, ouyangmin, director of service parts of marketing company and other leaders attended

at the launching ceremony, 29 agents were linked across the country, and hundreds of front-line speed regulation fans better provided comprehensive maintenance services for users all over the country. A dragon with a circumference of 0.1~500mm/min was enough for the service soldiers to gather and accept the review of hoisting users across the country. At 10:31 a.m., Mr. sunxinliang, chairman of Sany crane, issued the order to go out. The battle flag was agitated in the wind, and the new journey of escorting customers officially began

work together and be consistent. Mr. ouyangmin, the director of Sany crane service parts, led the service soldiers to make a solemn oath: every time we serve our customers, we will be full of enthusiasm, first-class technology, practical action, adhere to the concept of quality changing the world, fulfill all our commitments for our customers, pursue the mission of extreme customer satisfaction, and achieve an unparalleled level of service

looking back on the past, Sany crane took the lead in launching the global travel of value service in the industry. For 11 years, they have always adhered to the service concept of doing everything for customers and creating customer value, as well as the sincere service attitude, down-to-earth work style, and carefully built the first brand of service

2020, a new journey, start again. Mr. Li Lianwen, general manager of Sany crane marketing company, promised that this year, adhering to the concept of service first and capacity upgrading, we will invest more resources, send a strong technical team, cooperate with agents and suppliers, go deep into the front line to understand and solve problems, and help new and old users in the hoisting industry

2020 global value service line is divided into four themes

1 Through joint inspection, 820 service detection equipment will undergo in-depth physical examination, and 3180 equipment of value customers will be subject to patrol inspection

2. Ten thousand mile cruise, a main inspection vehicle, leads 16 cities, with a journey of more than 10000 kilometers. During this period, the service team will provide full support, share the service process and exchange service experience

3. On August 19, August 29, September 9, September 19, September 29, September 29, October 9, the joint ace service engineer and Weichai, fast, Shenli, hande and other suppliers carried out free maintenance for the equipment

4. Embrace the Internet, share service cases and equipment experience, and irregularly carry out accessory sales, live service broadcast, online selection of equipment maintenance talents and other activities

as a leading enterprise in the machinery manufacturing industry, Sany cranes have been sold to dozens of countries and regions around the world, and the footprints of Sany service engineers are also all over the world. On the basis of digital service construction, Sany crane continues to provide customers with more intelligent, digital and efficient products and services, always leading and promoting the transformation and upgrading of industry service-oriented manufacturing, and setting a new benchmark for industry service

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