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Hongxin Futures: affected by profit closing, the high price of Tianjiao futures fell

on June 12, as China's economy continued to develop rapidly (Thursday), the high price of Tokyo TOCOM rubber futures fell, and the rubber price fell sharply. In the morning, driven by the overnight sharp rise in crude oil and the weakening of the yen exchange rate, the Japanese gum rose to 353.3 yen/kg, the highest level since march1980. Photoelectric induction is one of the more advanced technologies, but in the afternoon, with the emergence of profit taking, the glue price fell sharply from the high level. The benchmark November Japanese rubber contract opened at 350.50, with a maximum of 354.00 and a minimum of 331.00, and closed at 332.00, down 11.70 yen/kg compared with the closing of the previous trading day

similar to the trend of Japanese rubber, in the morning, Shanghai Rubber opened directly at the limit price. However, with the emergence of profit closing, the rubber price fell rapidly. It is not uncommon for aluminum shovel to break when not cooking, shovel to break when digging, and pick to split one into two when digging. Market differences still exist, and the rubber price is still significantly higher with the support of some excessive funds. The main ru0809 contract opened 26795 at the limit price, with a maximum of 26795 and a minimum of 26260. It closed at 26415, up 650 points from the settlement price of the previous trading day. 430300 transactions were completed throughout the day, and the position decreased by 8924 to 115430

Singapore on June 11, the spot rubber price in Asia increased on Wednesday. Driven by tight supply, rising oil prices and a sharp rise in TOCOM market. Traders said that the rainfall in southern Thailand continues to damage the rubber production in the region, and the rubber price is expected to rise further. At present, small and medium-sized tire manufacturers are leaving the site to wait and see. The RSS3 price of Thai No. 3 cigarette glue shipped in July was 325 cents per kilogram, up from the previous transaction

Michelin recently announced that the price of Michelin brand new tires and repaired tires sold by the company will be increased by an average of 7%, and the new price will take effect from August 1. This price increase will be the second price increase of Michelin passenger car tyres in 2008. The previous price increase was on April 1 this year

influenced by the weakness of the US dollar and the sharp decrease of crude oil inventory data for the fourth consecutive week, the international crude oil rose sharply overnight. The American Energy Information Association announced on Wednesday that the US crude oil inventory decreased by 4.6 million barrels. TOCOM rubber futures hit a record high of 388.9 yen per kilogram in february1980, when crude oil prices rose sharply

however, as the electronic price of crude oil futures fell during the day and the US dollar strengthened again, the long profit taking positions of Tianjiao were closed and left the market again. The Japanese glue fell below the 350 and 340 yen levels and triggered a large number of selling. Domestic Shanghai Jiao also began to fall from the price limit. From the disk view, Zhejiang Department funds reduced their holdings of multiple orders today, which showed that long funds remained cautious when the glue price approached the previous high. Close to the weekend, it is necessary to be vigilant against the price volatility caused by profit taking funds. In terms of operation, leave the market with multiple orders, pay attention to the trend of crude oil and the support of Shanghai Jiaotong at the 26000 level, and try to intervene with empty orders if it falls below

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