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Facing the unknown journey, qunxi wooden door will bear in mind the core points of this press conference, consolidate the product reputation, and adhere to the original intention of struggle; Break through the bottleneck of development and adhere to the pursuit of technological limits

2019 new product launch p> ultimate? Breakthrough

new product launch

# new product launch #

complete success

China? Dongyang

the world is changing, how to grasp the lifeblood of the times

are you looking for opportunities or creating opportunities

do you follow the trend or go against the current

is it flexible, or is it constant

on May 27, 2019, more than 300 excellent dealers of qunxi Mumen gathered in Dongyang garden building in China to witness the 2019 new product launch with the theme of "extreme? Breakthrough"

▲ the new product of qunxi wooden door was unveiled

cast a classic product

# committed to changing the traditional cognition of consumers #

at the beginning of the activity, Shan Zexi, chairman of qunxi wooden door, delivered a speech, and President Shan gave great expectations for this activity

▲ Shan Zexi, chairman of qunxi wooden door, shared his speech

this 2019 new product launch is not only a simple display of the advantages and highlights of new products, but also a chance to gather industry authorities together to exchange resources, information and important opinions with each other. Qunxi wooden door is willing to work with all partners with similar aspirations for faster and better development

from a macro perspective, President Shan pointed out that "if you sail against the current, you will fall back if you don't advance." the environment is not good, so it is more necessary for enterprises and dealers to work together to boost morale, use the right methods, and invest more efforts to develop new products, and always be in the forefront of the industry. " We should deeply study the mainstream demand points of the market. More than 60% of the mainstream consumption in the current home decoration market is concentrated in the 80 and 90 groups. To study their preferences and interests, qunxi is to continuously provide value-added products and services that young people prefer. Mr. Shan also expressed his gratitude to the cooperative dealers present from the emotional point of view. "Since the establishment of the factory, there are many friends present who have cooperated with us for five or even ten years. I hope to deepen the cooperation and make the future better!"

thank Italian designer Roberto_ Ercolani visited the new product launch site of qunxi wooden door and elaborated on his deep understanding of the design concept and product manufacturing concept of qunxi wooden door:

design should learn to understand the spirit and inspiration from nature and master the essence of 'study nature'

focus on terminal to strengthen operation

# it is better to teach people to fish than to teach people to fish #

with the intensification of the market competition environment, at present, building materials stores have the "three low" phenomenon of low entry rate, low conversion rate and low transaction value

since the establishment of qunxi Mumen business department, we have always regarded strengthening terminals as our sacred mission, and constantly strengthened the internal terminal training and the terminal operation ability of external dealers. In today's competitive environment, the terminal operation ability determines the viability of our stores. Only by continuously strengthening the terminal operation ability of dealers and enhancing the vitality of dealers can we truly open the mode of mutual win for manufacturers

Zhang congcongcong of terminal operation Department

Zhang congcongcong of terminal operation Department introduced the highlights of this new product and various outstanding advantages to the participating dealers in detail

kujiale lecturer Gao Bijun

kujialehua central training manager and senior training lecturer Gao Bijun elaborated the principle of the integration of kujiale and qunxi terminals and their positive role in the market in concise language, helping everyone to explore customer needs and create customized scene experience for customers from a more macro and clear perspective, Provide customers with personalized full scene customized services

Zhao Bo, terminal operation Department Zhao Bo, terminal operation Department of qunximumen, brought the exclusive course of "building terminal operation", outlined various pain points encountered in the current market, and based on his own practical results. It puts forward a specific method that can be used for reference, that is, "timely adjust the strategy to meet the mainstream consumer groups". Zhao Bo's speech full of "pragmatism" aroused everyone's deep recognition. In the face of thorny market problems, only by facing difficulties can we successfully achieve transformation and development

qunxi wooden door Chen Jun

qunxi wooden door Chen Jun, conducted a detailed analysis of the "villa door development status, market positioning and new product introduction". Chen Jun said that the company has continuously invested huge costs in recent years to purchase equipment that comprehensively improves the product process level to meet the high-quality requirements of each product of the company. Recently, the most sophisticated laser equipment in the industry has been officially launched, which can complete all customized needs of customers, Ensure that the company's villa door products are more advanced and high-quality. Italian style Carmen, Chinese style Carmen and copper art splicing will be the three main categories of products promoted by the company in the future, which will lead the market and play a leading role in the industry, bringing greater benefits to all partners

qunxi Mumen Li Wei

qunxi Mumen Li Wei shared the results of the company's "the most beautiful rural trip, qunxi send the truth" activity, which has brought a huge boost to dealers and the market

dealers share

at this 2019 new product launch, Xiang Ying, a dealer in Changde, Hunan Province, explained the "ten elements" of event planning and the relevant strategies and methods of team building to the participants one by one from the perspective of "customer demand analysis". The spicy Xiang sister spoke to Ying very funny. She said: when we do terminal sales, we should not follow our own feelings, but follow the trend, and follow the market demand. The company has invested huge manpower and funds, and jointly developed new products with the Italian design team. It is launched according to the market demand, so we should timely follow the waves of market development and move forward bravely, Obtaining market and maximizing profits are our ultimate pursuit. Huang Sihong, a dealer in Huanghua, Hebei Province, also shared his successful experience from the perspective of market demand, planning and design strength, and maintaining new and old customers. The successful sharing of the two dealers caused continuous applause from the dealers in the audience

adhering to the craftsman's heart

# insisting on building a good market reputation with the craftsman's style #

qunxi wooden door believes that the spark of inspiration bursts out, and it may only take a moment. However, how to express this inspiration and this creative impulse concretely and integrate them into the manufacturing process of products is a "knowledge" worthy of in-depth study. There is no doubt that qunxi wooden door has its own effective and unique practice in this "knowledge", that is, "strictly abide by the heart of craftsman." So, how to hold a "craftsman's heart"? In the eyes of qunxi wooden door, holding the "craftsman's heart", the first priority is to show the craftsman's style, carefully and seriously polish each product, and adhere to fighting for public praise

in the view of Qun Ximen, each press conference represents a stage of development and has its own annual mission. Facing the unknown journey, qunxi wooden door will bear in mind the core points of this press conference, consolidate the product reputation, and adhere to the original intention of struggle; Break through the bottleneck of development and adhere to the pursuit of technological limits




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