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What do you see at the first sight when you open the door? Of course, there is no doubt that it is the porch of the home. If you design a shoe cabinet in the hallway, it's very practical. At present, most friends mainly buy shoe cabinets through going to the furniture market, and some owners customize shoe cabinets through decoration companies. So, is it better to customize shoe cabinets or buy ready-made ones? Which kind of cost-effective shoe cabinet customization or purchase? But don't worry. Next, I'll explain the advantages and disadvantages of customizing and buying shoe cabinets in detail. Let's see how much they both cost

benefits of customized shoe cabinets:

1. Customized shoe cabinets are like customized furniture, which can make full use of our indoor space

2. Customized shoe cabinets can be designed or innovated freely to increase unique functions

3. The customized shoe cabinet can be placed at any position, height and shape

benefits of buying a shoe cabinet:

1. You can move freely, throw it if you want, and change it if it's bad

2. Instead of letting workers do it, they buy it directly

3. If there is a problem with the purchased shoe cabinet, you can ask the merchant for warranty, while customized ones are a little troublesome

4. The cost of buying a shoe cabinet is low, and it can be done with a few hundred yuan

which kind of shoe cabinet customization or purchase is cost-effective

1. Customized shoe cabinet:

can make full use of space, but the price is high

purchase: there are many styles, but the space is difficult to use

shoe cabinet is a small thing, but it is placed in a special position, which makes many families feel distressed when decorating

2. Self made shoe cabinets:

some people think that the storage space of shoe cabinets is limited, and it is difficult to buy suitable shoe cabinets. It is better to make them on site, which can maximize the use of space, and is easy to be unified with the home decoration style


the production price depends on the selected material, style, size, etc. If a large core board is used, make a 1000× 400× The production price of 1200mm swing door six story oil mixing shoe cabinet is divided into three parts, such as material cost, labor cost and management cost

material cost:

formaldehyde free large core board: 130 yuan

paint: 40/square meter × (0.4+0.48× 2+1.2) = 102.4 yuan

construction cost: 80 yuan/day × 4 = 320 yuan

management fee: (130+102.4+320) × 30%=165.72 yuan

total: 718.12 yuan


benefit: make full use of space

disadvantages: it is hard to guarantee the quality because of the heavy smell of paint produced on site

it is convenient to buy shoe cabinets, but it is not conducive to making full use of space

3. Buying a shoe cabinet:

it is convenient to buy a shoe cabinet. There are a wide range of shoe cabinets on the market, providing consumers with many choices. Products from the factory assembly line ensure environmental protection. As long as you choose products with quality assurance, you generally don't have to worry about formaldehyde exceeding the standard

the current styles are: swing door, swing door, revolving door, etc; Materials: solid wood, plate, steel, plastic, etc

detailed account of shoe cabinet selection:


prices vary according to different materials and styles

generally, the price of solid wood is below 2000 yuan

advantage: high style selection, environmental protection

disadvantages: it is not conducive to making full use of space

4. Customized shoe cabinets:

please make suitable shoe cabinets according to the space. Baking varnish can be used, which has high precision and environmental protection. But the price is higher


benefit: high, environmentally friendly and beautiful

Disadvantages: high price and long waiting time

editor's summary: the above is the pros and cons of customizing and purchasing shoe cabinets. Analysis of the relevant knowledge about how much is a square meter of customized shoe cabinets. Summing up the above, it is not difficult for us to see that purchased shoe cabinets are mainly reflected in affordable and convenient mobility; Customized shoe cabinets are mainly reflected in design, modeling and space utilization




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