The budget of 40000 is not too much, and the decor

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This is an old house The building area is 80 square meters This house may be demolished in a few years So when decorating, I try to choose things with high cost performance We don't buy things that are cheap but the quality is not guaranteed We are not jealous of beautiful but really expensive things So the price of hardcover seems to be controlled by me at about 40000

a budget of 40000 is not a plan to spend too much on decoration

the TV wall next to the dining table On the one hand, in order to save money On the one hand, I don't like that complicated TV wall myself So I only pasted wallpaper It is worth mentioning the shelf under the TV I asked the carpenter to do it Use leftover materials There is no extra charge ha-ha. Thank you very much, master The wallpaper was bought on Taobao Our wallpaper is outrageously expensive I bought it online as soon as I was angry I'm a little worried when I buy it because I haven't seen the real thing not so bad.. I still like it after posting it





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