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To customize the overall wardrobe, please come to dewell wardrobe mall www.dwejia More simple styles and more surprises are waiting for you. Www. 68mn! Customization hotline: 400-8888-118

simple and modern, loved by everyone, simple and modern style, simple but exquisite, ingenious layout of bedroom space, and super practical functions have always been the best choice for most young families, while the Prague series of dewell wardrobe mall is closely designed to create a young, comfortable and perfect space

comfortable gray tone, warm and plain wood and old white carpet, a slightly lazy environment makes people unconsciously take off their busy and pressure, and get a complete relaxation of their spirit and body in their own world

a glass sliding door is installed in the wall type wine cabinet as the entrance of the kitchen, which facilitates daily life and decorates the wall well. The fashionable and simple furniture design gives the restaurant a warm atmosphere. The overall space is bright and fresh, and bright colors can bring people a good appetite

the design of the master bedroom combines modern style with simple and fashionable style, using simple lines and light colors, together with unconventional lighting and furniture, so that people can feel the natural scenery of the integration of indoor style and living environment as soon as they enter the room, and the delicate space details and human temperature give people a refreshing feeling

the grasp and selection of materials highlight the quality and elegant life, and pay attention to the texture of materials. The furniture adopts rosefinch grey and oak white. The combination of the two is seamless, showing elegant taste and a sense of the times

irregular artistic shapes are used as the background at the head of the bed, coupled with hidden light bands, which brings a avant-garde and unrestrained feeling

the study is composed of simple large bookcases and desks, together with sketches and paintings, to create a quiet office space. Here, people can be independent of the world of another self, and start a dream like life at will

it is said that the more beautiful the classic old songs are, the classic styles will always be popular, and the classic simple and modern style is also the best choice for home decoration. For the customization of the overall wardrobe, come to dewell wardrobe mall www.dwejia More simple styles and more surprises are waiting for you. Www. 68mn! Tel: 400-8888-118





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