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How much does it cost to decorate the whole house? The owners must care about this aspect when planning the decoration. Yes, a good budget in the early stage can help us avoid problems such as additional items and overspending. Recently, Ms. Chen of Wanrun olive city asked through the decoration bidding of Wuhan home decoration network that the decoration is about to begin. The house area is 78 square meters, belonging to a small house type, but she doesn't want to give up the desired space function. Ms. Chen is worried about this aspect because she has not been exposed to decoration. Next, the Xiaobian of Wuhan home decoration network will take you to pick up this 78 square meter half package decoration quotation of Wanrun olive City G3 house type. How should it be formulated

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Wanrun olive city is located at the intersection of Julong Avenue and Songgang 1st Road in Panlong Economic Development Zone, close to Tianhe Airport and the international famous city outlets. In addition, it is expected that the extension line of Metro Line 2, namely the airport line, will start operation in late October this year, making the transportation more convenient, Therefore, this location has become more and more superior, which has attracted the attention of more and more owners

[Wanrun olive City G3 apartment type 78 square meters new house information]

structure: two bedrooms, two living rooms, one kitchen and one bathroom

decoration method: half package

style: Modern and simple; (now sign up for the Group decoration activity of Wanrun olive city community for free, and you can enjoy the decoration discount worth 3000 yuan ~)

[Wanrun olive City G3 house type 78 square meters half package decoration quotation]

quotation analysis:

before analyzing this quotation, let's take a look at the latest decoration market in Wuhan. Taking the grade classification of decoration companies as an example, the average price of half package of economic companies is 300-450 yuan/㎡, and the full package is more than 600 yuan/㎡; The average price of half package in medium-sized companies: 400-600 yuan/㎡, and the total package is more than 800 yuan/㎡; Average price of half package of brand decoration company: 500-1200 yuan/㎡; All inclusive: more than 1200 yuan/㎡. From this, it can be analyzed that Ms. Chen chose the half package of a mid-range decoration company, so it would be more reassuring if she wanted to buy it herself. As you can see, the balcony has no cost, because Ms. Chen doesn't want to seal it up, which reduces the cost in this regard. Let's take a look at the quotation of the guest restaurant, which is more than 10000. As it involves the decoration of the TV background wall and sofa background wall, the porch, the restaurant wine cabinet, and the multi-functional area, Ms. Chen said that although the house area is small, she also hopes to be more exquisite and have a broader vision, so the designer really spent more time

there are many ways to decorate. For example, for owners who are busy at ordinary times and have no time to manage the decoration, full package decoration is also a good choice, but in any case, the quotation should be carefully reviewed in the early stage of decoration. Well, friends who are busy with decoration recently might as well come to the official website of Wuhan home decoration network and choose their favorite decoration company through Wuhan Decoration bidding. What are you waiting for? High quality and good decoration, all in Wuhan home decoration network! For details, please click

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