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Rongda century old wardrobe, inheriting the century old carpentry technology of Jiangxi, has developed roots like banyan, and finally becomes a towering tree

Rongda century old wardrobe, inheriting the century old carpentry technology of Jiangxi, has developed roots like banyan, and finally becomes a towering tree. With first-class design and super strong product research and development ability, it fully reflects the traditional culture of Jiangxi old carpentry. It dares to innovate and forge ahead. Rongda has its own unique representative products for a hundred years, which is still unique in the industry. Among them, rigorous sealing, unique design and reliable and stable positioning have set a new benchmark for the development of the wardrobe industry. It has improved the key shortcomings of all brands in the industry, such as too large bottom seam, difficult to clean the dust hidden in the lower rail, and the cabinet door can not be closed tightly. Since Rongda's Centennial products entered the market, they have been overcome uniformly

Rongda century old sliding doors are all made of aluminum magnesium titanium alloy frame. There is a group of wheels up and down each sliding door, and each wheel has an independent self-lubricating steel ball bearing. This structure makes even the heaviest door look light, smooth and delicate when pushed. The sliding door main wheel is made of polymer glass fiber, which is not only quiet but also highly wear-resistant; The combination of the double lower wheel wide fulcrum bearing system and the double guide wheel lateral adaptive system is the fundamental guarantee to make the sliding door appear stable and solid when sliding

Rongda Centennial is slightly different from its peers in the selection of boards. It mainly promotes solid wood particle boards and multi-layer plywood. Natural PVC veneering materials have realistic wood grain effect, good environmental protection performance and unique mosaic technology. The surface of this solid wood veneer is printed with wood grain and flower decorations by a special printing machine, and the back is prepared with glue. After being pasted by hot pressing precision instruments, it is smooth to touch, and there is a sense of thickness when knocking the board with fingers, which is very waterproof and moisture-proof, Fire protection function. It meets the requirements of people's pursuit of nature and fashion. The edge banding thickness of the 100 year old wardrobe is 1.5mm. According to the plate computer full-automatic edge banding machine, the edge banding and the cabinet body are marked with the "Rongda 100 year" trademark. The edge banding is completely consistent with the plate regardless of color or texture. No matter the overall effect or subtle edge banding, it all reflects the fine and painstaking workmanship of Rongda 100 year old

the main style of Rongda Centennial products is simplicity, which emphasizes a simplified process of materials or forms: you can make a full set of furniture with one or two board colors, making your new house look more upscale and tasteful! Rongda Centennial provides you with a full system of household supporting products, which not only saves you the trouble of running around, but also inspires your creativity. As long as you want to get it, we can do it; Rongda century products include: wall type wardrobe, integral wardrobe, supporting wardrobe and top cabinet wardrobe); Bookcase series; Computer series; Cloakroom series (corner cloakroom without door, corner cloakroom with door and open cloakroom); Super sliding door series (wardrobe door, partition door, folding door); Living room supporting series (including porch cabinet, hall cabinet, wine cabinet, TV cabinet, shoe cabinet), bedroom supporting series (bed, bedside cabinet, bedside stool, dressing table, dressing stool, bucket cabinet); There are also office supporting series, commercial exhibition cabinet series, etc...

whether it's the living room, bedroom, study or office, you can choose the home with multi-functional design. They are not only a good helper for your fashion life, but also make your home more orderly and different




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