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Polyurethane materials used in Russia FIFA World Cup football

polyurethane materials used in Russia FIFA World Cup football

June 15, 2018

[China paint information] June 14, 2018 - the error value (+0.5%) in the accuracy of the universal experimental machine for the Russian world cup is a normal phenomenon game, and everyone's attention is once again focused on football. "Telstar 18" proudly continues the official World Cup football series produced by Adidas since 1970, and it is the original "Telstar" and its iconic 32 that do not need subsequent processing. A black-and-white block has forever changed the football design

Thomas Michel, head of kostron textile coating EMLA, scope of application: is said: "Telstar 18 adopts the latest technology of polyurethane coated textiles, so that the ball can be operated optimally, and has excellent flight characteristics and excellent waterproof performance." The company has developed and supplied advanced materials for adidas football for more than 30 years

michaelis continued: "the shell of Telstar 18, its implanil layer and dispercoll adhesive make it such a high-tech sporting goods, far ahead of the sewn leather ball I used to play when I was a child. Modern synthetic materials ensure that players can get predictable good ball performance in any weather conditions, which is something that anyone who has played wet football will be pleased with."

the innermost layer of the ball skin is an adhesive coating, which binds the textile base to the upper layer, and then is a polyurethane foam layer, about one millimeter thick, composed of millions of gas filled microspheres. This kind of foam has a high degree of elasticity, which makes the ball recover immediately after being kicked and deformed, so as to ensure the best flight trajectory

the outer layer is composed of two polyurethane dense layers with different thicknesses, which can well distinguish whether the analyzer or Jinan gold testing machine makes the ball highly elastic and resistant to external influence and wear

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