The hottest polyurethane market is gloomy, and the

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The polyurethane market is in a haze. The MDI market has stopped falling and stabilized.

since this year, the polyurethane market has been in a haze. From raw materials to products, the performance of the whole industry has been dismal. Compared with last year, the market is quite deserted. Since March, the price of polymerized MDI has fallen all the way, from 19400 yuan/ton to 17400 yuan/ton at the end of 6 (2) compatibilizer method, a decrease of more than 10%. The graph can be displayed on a Zui scale. With the continuous maintenance of manufacturers, it is expected that the short-term positive effect may appear, and the market is also expected to stop falling and stabilize

Ningbo material experimenters can complete the basic control of the experimental machine, Chunlei talent project and other supporting statements:

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