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Polyurethane thermal insulation materials will usher in rapid development

at present, there are still some misunderstandings in thermal insulation materials abroad. Most people attribute several major fire accidents in recent years to organic thermal insulation materials, and treat the fire safety performance of organic thermal insulation materials one sidedly. However, the fire safety performance of three kinds of organic thermal insulation materials: polystyrene board, phenolic foam and polyurethane foam is completely different. Taking a one-sided approach will seriously affect the healthy development of organic thermal insulation materials in China

China's housing and urban rural development departments have jointly formulated a set of "Interim Provisions on fire protection of external wall insulation system and external wall decoration of civil buildings", which stipulates the combustion performance of thermal insulation materials. When B1 and B2 thermal insulation materials are used, the packaging materials of waste foam granulator must be set with fire separation belts in accordance with the regulations, in addition to being applied to meet the requirements of the modified plastics market for the increasing improvement of packaging quality and quantity. In order to improve the fireproof performance and engineering quality of the external wall insulation system from the aspects of materials, processes, structures and so on. Organic thermal insulation materials also have the disadvantage of insufficient fire safety performance because of their good thermal insulation. In the past year, due to the flame retardant standard of Document No. 65. At present, the development and utilization of efficient thermal insulation materials in China is an effective measure to ensure building energy conservation. Polyurethane materials have a large number of successful and common examples in the field of building energy conservation and insulation because of their excellent thermal insulation performance. In the economically developed countries in Europe and the United States, 50% of the building thermal insulation materials used are polyurethane thermal insulation materials. Germany has implemented external wall insulation since the 1960s, and the organic insulation materials currently used are grade B1 EPS and grade B2 polyurethane. Because the grade B2 polyurethane system does not have the risk of fire spread, inorganic materials are not used as fire barriers. In Japan, the thermal insulation materials sprayed with polyurethane for walls have accounted for more than 50% of the market share of organic thermal insulation materials

according to relevant data, for the regulations formulated by relevant departments in China not long ago, it can be seen that the Ministry of housing and urban rural development has made it clear that document No. 46 is still valid before the new standard is issued. It will be a good consumer for the development of polyurethane insulation industry, and vigorously promote the intelligent and green transformation of the production process. It is expected that polyurethane building insulation materials will usher in rapid development after the implementation of the new standard

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