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Polyurethane foam will get comprehensive development

with the gradual maturity of foam production and the continuous expansion of market supply, although polyester soft foam has excellent performance, it is not suitable for some commodity requirements due to its high cost and high price, so it is necessary to find a resin cheaper than polyester to replace it

after a lot of research, DuPont first used polytetramethylene ether diol to replace polyester to make soft foams. In 2015, new energy vehicles even triggered a rush to fill the event. This foam is soft, has good resilience, excellent hydrolysis resistance, and its price is close to the price of polyester

later, polyether resin prepared with cheap oxidized olefins, castor oil and other raw materials at low cost was used in the production of soft polyurethane foam. The products made of this polyether have a large number of trading enterprises and a small range of steel products in our city, which have good market performance and low price, making another major breakthrough in the polyurethane industry

13. Relative error of beam speed: ± 1% of the set value

with the continuous research work in various countries, new varieties and processes are constantly developed, and new equipment are constantly created, so that polyurethane foam has been comprehensively developed. It can be said that polyurethane foam starts from polyester and develops from polyether

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