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Polyurethane on-site foaming packaging technology

Jinke polyurethane on-site foaming packaging is an advanced technology widely used in the world at present. It is superior to other cushioning packaging materials and has the following advantages:

1. With advanced equipment and intelligent computer control, it can evenly mix two raw materials a and B in an instant, and can foam and fill all kinds of products on site. The equipment is small, light, does not occupy space, and is portable

2. It is simple and fast, without any mold. Instant foaming is the ignorance of history. Just wait, foaming and molding within 25 seconds, and completing a package within one minute. It is not limited by time, product quantity and product shape. It can be foamed at any time, which saves worry, time and labor. Large quantities of products can be prefabricated with simple wood molds to save expensive mold costs

The circuit in the system must be cut off

3. The cushioning performance is good. The foam is soft and has excellent cushioning performance, which can effectively protect the goods from damage

4. Good integrity. Because the on-site foaming can integrate the product with the packing box, the packed material is tightly wrapped with bolt fixed foam without displacement, so as to ensure that the product is not damaged

5. The operation is simple and convenient, and professional technicians are not required. Only after the training of the company, one person can operate and use it, and the maintenance is simple

6. The following products can be used in on-site foaming packaging: military products, electronic products, handicrafts, fragile objects of the opposite sex

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