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Polyurethane foaming equipment is widely used. The best heat preservation and energy saving material is polyurethane foaming, which is the best heat preservation and energy saving material at present. All performance indexes are better than the traditional XPS and EPS external insulation systems. This kind of external insulation system technology has been paid attention to by relevant leaders and experts in various provinces and cities of the country, although there is no lack of controversy and opposition. The Department of science and technology of the Ministry of construction has established a working group for the promotion of the economical application of polyurethane in buildings, and held an "international exchange meeting on energy-saving application technology of polyurethane walls" in Beijing in mid October 2005. Nearly 100 representatives from the energy-saving wall reform office and design and development units of the science and technology division of the construction departments (construction commissions) of all provinces, cities, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the Central Government participated

China is the largest refrigerator producer in the world. In 1998, it consumed 80000 ~ 100000 tons of rigid foam plastic, accounting for 15% of the heat insulation materials used for oil transmission pipelines, chemical storage tanks and industrial equipment; Building materials are another large application field of rigid polyurethane foam. In 2000, the consumption of rigid PUR foam in the construction industry reached more than 70000 tons. Due to the rapid development of China's construction industry, foamed plastics used for building heat insulation, sound absorption, decorative materials and movable houses account for 10%; Thermal insulation materials for transportation account for 10%; Others account for 7. 5%, of which furniture, clothing, bicycles and other large consumption

in addition, the development of China's automobile industry and motorcycle industry also provides a broad market for molded Soft PUR foam. According to experts' prediction, due to its excellent plasticity and strong material performance and practicability, polyurethane is increasingly used in automobiles. It is estimated that the demand for polyurethane in China's automobile industry (excluding Taiwan Province) will reach 4. 410000 tons, of which cars and jeeps consume 3. 0.04 million tons, 0 for heavy cars. 30000 T, light vehicle consumption 0. 72 a year-on-year increase of 583 million tons, and the consumption of mini cars was 0. 0.05 million tons, with an average consumption of 14 per vehicle. 71kg。

polyurethane foam is the most important polyurethane product, which has a wide range of uses and excellent performance: Soft PUR foam and semi-rigid PUR foam are mainly used in furniture cushion and decorative materials, vehicle cushion materials, carpet bottom lining, clothing lining, building sound-absorbing materials, sports cushion materials, mattresses and instrument packaging materials. Among them, the main uses of molded soft polyurethane foam are car seat cushion, motorcycle, bicycle cushion, etc; Rigid polyurethane foams are mainly used as heat insulation materials in the refrigerator and cold storage industries, accounting for 57% of the total consumption of rigid foams. 5%。

rigid polyurethane foams abroad are mainly consumed in the construction industry, accounting for more than 50% of the consumption of rigid foams. In China, they are mostly used in refrigerators and cold storages, and the thermal insulation materials used in the construction industry are still in the initial stage. The rapid development of automobile and motorcycle industry provides opportunities for the development of polyurethane foam industry, and its potential market is also very broad. It is predicted that the demand for polyurethane foams in China has reached 800000 ~ 1million T/A

it is understood that since polyurethane (TPU) was first developed in Germany in the 1930s after being improperly treated by consumers in a short time, after decades of continuous technological change and development, the research and application technology of TPU have made breakthroughs, which means that it is safer to be used as a raw material of shoes; Polyurethane with better high-speed performance also needs new technological development and application development. However, compared with foreign countries, domestic research on polyurethane technology is relatively late, and the technology is relatively backward, but it has made rapid progress, which has also injected great vitality into the booming shoe market

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