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[figure] polyurethane foam creates colorful comfortable seats and sofas

the rainbow is just a light in the sky. Although it is unparalleled in beauty, it is always beyond expectation. But for many people, the most moving part of life is not only the days that are connected by reality, but also the illusory and beautiful dreams like a rainbow. This group of interesting furniture combinations of seats and sofas is the best case of dreams passing through creative edge reality

polyurethane foam creates colorful comfortable seats and sofas

this group of furniture is designed by designer lubomajer for dizajno company, and they have rainbow like colors. It is reported that the inspiration of this group of works comes from the rainbow. The sofa is "spliced" by many small units with different colors. These small units are trapezoidal structures, which together form an irregular shape, which can effectively protect and prolong the service life of the experimental machine itself. It looks full of personality and full of postmodern artistic sense. This group of irresistible designs and colorful colors can immediately activate the atmosphere of the house

in addition, the furniture is composed of hard OSB frame, curved spring system and high-quality flexible polyurethane foam. Lubomajer also integrates ergonomic principles in its design. When people lie on it, the forces on all parts of the human body will be balanced, which can be said to achieve the perfect unity of ornamental and practical

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