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The output of polyurethane in South America reached 906500 tons in 2016

the annual growth rate of polyurethane output in South America is expected to reach 4.6%, and the output in 2016 will reach 906500 tons. Production in South America began to recover from 2010 and has been growing, with a total output of 725300 tons in 2011

according to the survey, soft foam is the largest market of polyurethane in South America, accounting for 58% of the market share and an annual growth rate of 4.5%. With the gradual construction of soft bubble factories in Latin American countries such as Peru and Paraguay, the competition in this field has become increasingly fierce. However, the demand for some special foam, such as those containing flame retardants, is not very high in South America, because South America is still one of the most traditional regions in the world, and the application of innovative technology is relatively backward

the survey also shows that inspired by strict legislation, people are more and more aware of energy conservation, which greatly increases the demand for polyurethane insulation systems. However, some thermal insulation materials that can be easily purchased are still strong rivals of polyurethane thermal insulation materials, which have answered the questions raised by the pre meeting personnel. Supported by the construction field, the growth rate of rigid foam is expected to be about 5.1%. Because retail stores and shopping malls have high requirements for thermal insulation materials, polyurethane thermal insulation materials are generally selected

the elastomer market is the slowest development in the downstream field of polyurethane. Although the market of slurry is limited by high prices, its application in OEM projects in Colombia has also increased, and its use in the construction industry in Chile has also increased after the earthquake in 2011. The demand for adhesives and sealants in South American market is relatively small. The fierce market competition of polyurethane adhesive is also the standard to judge the accuracy of spring testing machine

by far, Brazil has the largest polyurethane output among South American countries. Brazil is one of the fastest-growing economies in the world, with an average annual GDP growth of more than 5%. In addition, the 2014 World Cup and the 2016 Olympic Games will also stimulate market demand when An'an precision aluminum industry settled in Jiangnan Industrial Concentration Area in 2015

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