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Comments on the plastic warehouse receipt of the treasure island Stock Exchange on October 23

the warehouse receipt report of the treasure island Stock Exchange: first of all, we should consider whether the installation of the main part of the experimental machine is vertical. Today, polypropylene varieties fell by the limit across the board; Linear varieties plummeted across the board, with ll0812 falling by the limit. The settlement prices of pp0812 and ll0812 were 7858 and 8536 yuan/ton respectively, up -242 and -264 yuan/ton respectively compared with yesterday's settlement. A total of 30 batches (150 tons) of 500W Panasonic servo electromechanical mechanical performance testing machines were delivered throughout the day, a decrease of 116 batches compared with the previous trading day, and the total order volume reached 2294 batches (11470 tons), a decrease of 12 batches compared with the previous trading day

the upstream driver screwed a M20 lifting screw with him into the rib hole state:

nymex12 crude oil futures closed down $4.14 at $66.75 a barrel overnight. As of 16:00 on October 23, Beijing time, December crude oil futures fell $1.36 to $68.11. Ethylene monomer: FOB Korea reported 700.0 US dollars/ton, FOB Japan reported 690.0 US dollars/ton. Propylene monomer: FOB Korea reported US $611.0/ton, down US $30/ton, FOB Japan reported US $609.0/ton, down US $30/ton

polypropylene varieties:

after the main force 0812 opened at the limit price of 7857 in the morning, one transaction was made at 7860 at the beginning of the session, and the rest of the session was closed at the limit

news surface:

(1) outer market: CFR Far East homopolymer PP (USD/ton) fell by $80/ton, the measurement range in FOB - the range between the minimum size and the maximum size of materials or components that can be measured by the experimental machine through the measurement system, East homopolymer PP (USD/ton) fell by $80/ton, FD northwest Europe homopolymer PP (euro/ton) fell by € 90/ton, and Fas Houston homopolymer PP (USD/ton) fell by $23/ton

(2) domestic market: the PP market around Yanshan was affected by the introduction of Sinopec Beijing settlement price, and the sharp decline of crude oil and propylene monomers put pressure on the market, and the market fell significantly. At present, the local T30S has reported about yuan/ton. The market quotation in Tianjin is reduced, and the current local T30S mainstream quotation is about yuan/ton

(3) manufacturer quotation/device dynamics: it is reported that Sinopec Beijing sales company intends to issue the daily settlement price of PP wire drawing: the T30S settlement price of TIANLIAN, Qilu, Zhongyuan, Jinan and other manufacturers is 8400 yuan/ton, and the listing price is 8600 yuan/ton. PP plant of Zhenhai Refining and Chemical Co., Ltd. switched to wire drawing T30S today. Yanshan Petrochemical PP Yiju production S1003. Hunan Changsheng PP plant is currently shut down for some reason and is scheduled to restart next Tuesday (28th). The designed annual capacity of the device is 100000 tons

technical aspects (polypropylene and polypropylene company 1):

(1) price trend: the medium-term trend of volatile decline, and the short-term decline will not decrease; Today, the limit was closed again

(2) K-line shape and double quantity: jump down sharply and take in the Yin cross. There is no volume of transactions, and the order volume is basically the same

(3) moving average (5,10,20), support pressure: daily line, 60 minute line, moving average system is still in short position. The reference pressure is 8100 and 8287, and there is no reference support position below

(4) indicators: MACD (26,12,9) is still under the zero axis, showing a short position; KD (9,3,3) is passivated below 5 in oversold area

brief analysis and suggestions:

futures oil fell sharply overnight. Today, jubing warehouse receipts were closed again, and the seller continued to have an absolute advantage. Spot transactions remained light, Sinopec Beijing cut prices and settled, and the futures oil fell below the psychological threshold of $70/barrel, jointly suppressing the market. At present, the risk of short-term operation is increasing. Traders should see more and move less, and should not chase up and down

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