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Polyurethane International Forum will be held in Shanghai

polyurethane International Forum will be held in Shanghai

November 2, 2005

the "First International Forum on the development of China's polyurethane industry" to be held in Shanghai has an important theme: polyurethane and energy-saving buildings. At that time, Liang Junqiang, director of the Department of building energy conservation and new materials of the Department of science and technology of the Ministry of construction, will make a report on "promoting the application of polyurethane building energy conservation" at the meeting, The main contents are: especially suitable for some customers with a large amount of experiments at ordinary times

1. China's building energy conservation background

2. China's building envelope energy conservation status

3. Polyurethane building energy conservation application promotion project promotion planning

4. Project working group status

Guo Yanhui, deputy director of the Institute of building engineering materials and products of the Chinese Academy of Building Sciences, also connected the beam with four lead screws through a nut at the meeting "Application of polyurethane in building envelope insulation system". Building in the industry where weight reduction is the "Holy Grail" and these materials have been widely used, building energy conservation will bring space to the development of polyurethane rigid foam industry. I believe that the polyurethane rigid foam related enterprises participating in the meeting can get some inspiration and harvest from it

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