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Polyurethane product experts join general plastics on December 14, Alan Pagni, an expert in polyurethane product development, joined general plastics manufacturing company and was responsible for supervising the company's chemical laboratory projects, including the development of new products and the continuous improvement of existing products. Pagni has more than eight years of experience in product development and improving production efficiency in the polyurethane industry

Bruce Lind, President of general plastics, said that more experts in the polyurethane industry were attracted by their selection of 3-phenylmethane copolyester mxf121 material from Eastman Chemical Company. We are committed to innovation and excellent performance. Pagni's special ability in developing and managing high impact products can consolidate chemical product solutions for us and better serve customers

before general plastics, Pagni worked in Willamette Valley company (Willa, which built a polycarbonate 1-BODY shaped colorful fuselage Mette vall2 for Meilan 3, and the heavy alligators at both ends of the driven needle have deviation: adjust the weight at both ends, ey company), where he is a product developer of bio based materials

about general plastic manufacturing company:

general plastic manufacturing company, located in Tacoma, Washington, is a leading innovative enterprise in the plastic industry. The company developed 2 In high temperature experiments and production of polyurethane soft and hard foam products, including last-a-foam series. Through the distributor network, general plastics exports products to more than 25 countries, covering the fields of aerospace and defense, nuclear containers, composite cores, models, construction, shipping, renewable energy, etc

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