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Let the world "share a shopping cart"

release date: Source: Hainan Special Zone News

from the "singles' Day" joked by friends, to the "online promotional activities" of a single platform, and then to the linkage of digital economies driving the global consumer market, the 11-year-old "double 11" has become an important part of the domestic and foreign consumer markets, an important platform for the real economy to rely on and compete, a large number of new technologies, new industries, new formats The source of new models

there are more goods, larger market and stronger momentum

no surprise, this year's "double 11" indicators will climb to a new height. This will be a global scale digital economy linkage. According to Jiang Fan, President of tmall and President of Taobao, 50000 new brands and businesses participated in the "double 11" this year for the first time. On the 11th day, official flagship stores from 200000 brands around the world will collectively launch discount measures, saving users at least 50billion

"double 11" has also become a centralized exhibition day of new products in the manufacturing industry. Digital, household appliances, beauty, personal care and shoes, bags and clothing are the fastest growing areas of new products

"double 11" is getting closer and closer to China's real economy. A "double 11" plan called "short selling agricultural products in poor counties in advance" has made Internet a new window for poverty eradication

green "double 11" has gradually become a consumption consensus

the industry has concluded that during the "double 11" this year, green consumption and green logistics will become a major trend. In the 10 days countdown to the "double 11", an e-commerce platform launched a special replacement activity of "trade in" for electrical and digital products

according to the news, aluminum profiles with high demand for decoration appearance must be turned up and down and back. There are five test methods: calling on and driving public participation. Green express in China has developed rapidly. More than 40000 rookie post stations and more than 35000 delivery points of major express companies across the country have set up "return plan" points

some e-commerce and express delivery enterprises said that the "double 11" has fallen behind and will set up a "national carton recycling day", calling on the whole society to recycle cartons and packaging together and join the green receiving action

in addition, with the continuous strengthening of consumers' awareness of environmental protection, green consumption represented by energy-saving household appliances, green goods and idle transactions has become popular

the transformation of "digital intelligence" at both ends of supply and demand has accelerated.

a promotion this year, the sales of smart locks increased by 454% year-on-year. Like electric toothbrushes and body fat scales, smart locks become "the entrance to future life" overnight. Behind the explosive growth, it is not only the pull of consumption upgrading, but also the signal of the era of smart home before 5g is launched

experts believe that with the upgrading of consumption concept, consumption mode and consumption quality, the new economy, new demand and new consumption are gradually forming a strong support to promote high-quality development, and the consumption logic is being redefined

this year's "double 11", the express driverless car will start running in more campuses, and China's logistics driverless car may usher in the era of commercial operation; Rookie intelligent supply chain brain will help 100000 businesses manage their business with one; With the increase of China Europe trains and cross-border chartered flights, digital customs clearance has become a digital bridge on the "the Belt and Road" to help small and medium-sized enterprises operate globally... Experts said that digital intelligence technology this year has become a powerful engine for "carefully removing rust, molding sand, oil and other dirt before following the economic primer painting, so as to understand how to select and judge a good tensile testing machine double 11", which has greatly improved efficiency

if there is no accident, the peak processing capacity of "double 11" China express may reach a new high this year. Express companies represented by "four connections and one delivery" said that they would serve this shopping feast with more efficient logistics network and more reasonable resource allocation

let consumers "buy the world" without leaving home.

tmall global and koala Haigou have collaborated to connect more than 30000 overseas brands, and through direct supply from overseas origin, let more consumers "buy the world" without leaving home. In the international market, a number of Chinese brands have risen rapidly, which not only enables Chinese enterprises to go to sea, but also helps small and medium-sized businesses in other countries sell globally

on the Internet, which breaks geographical restrictions, network anchors promote popular consumer goods around the world in different languages 24 hours a day. Red wine in Spanish castles, coffee beans in Ethiopia, honey in New Zealand forests, latex pillows in Thai forests... Although these goods are thousands of miles apart, people all over the world "share a shopping cart" through e-commerce platforms

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