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"Learning + research" makes CNC capable people

Abstract: in 2012, as a user of food contact materials, Li Song, a young senior CNC technician of CRRC Qiqihar, designed and completed "a tool for processing wheel inner holes" and won the national utility model patent

in 2012, Li Song, a young senior CNC technician of CRRC Qiqihar vehicle company, designed and completed "a tool for processing wheel inner holes" and won the national utility model patent. His paper "rapid design and manufacturing of truck side frame mold based on pro/e" was published in the Journal of machinery. In October 2016, Li Song went to Germany to participate in the study of "how to improve the skill level of numerical control machine tool operators", during which he was highly praised and recognized by the state owned assets supervision and Administration Commission of China, the German Wenke training center and the German demage machine tool manufacturer, and obtained relevant certificates

CNC machine tools have a variety of products, and the cutting performance of various materials is different, which brings a lot of inconvenience to the clamping, measurement and processing of products. After years of experience accumulation, Li Song found out some main factors affecting the machining accuracy of CNC machine tools and explored solutions. In the production of brake beam pillar forging die, due to its complex shape, the deepest reaches 65mm, R3 space, which leads to too long tool overhang and serious lack of rigidity, which is easy to cause the phenomenon of hitting and letting the tool, affecting the machining accuracy. After repeated experiments, Li Song formulated a new processing scheme, and the retrospective report showed that Ф 40 ball cutter grooving rough machining → Ф 16. Corner clearing of ball cutter residues → Ф 10. Corner clearing of ball cutter residues → Ф 10 ball cutter parallel milling finish machining, so that the work efficiency is more than doubled

having good operational skills that may not be able to obtain good evaluation in LCA is a strong guarantee for doing a good job. Li song always strives for perfection, is diligent in using his brain, and is good at exploring more reasonable processing methods. Once encountering technical problems, he will study tirelessly to determine the best clamping method and the best tool path until the problem is solved. The company's "spring profiling" product has always been outsourced, and it takes about 15 days to do one, costing tens of thousands of yuan. He saw it in his eyes, was anxious, and was determined to tackle this problem. During that time, he worked in the workshop. At that time, the unit had not been able to complete the operation software of 4-axis machining, so he used manual macro program to compile the machining program. When applied to the CNC milling machine, one can be processed in one and a half days, which greatly reduces the cost, improves the efficiency by more than 10 times, and creates a precedent for processing large pitch non-standard lead screws in Qishi

At the end of 2016, Li Song received the production task of manufacturing landing gear motor housing for Hafei group. He made 7 sets of tooling by himself and operated the 5-axis linkage machine tool to control the product tolerance within 0.003mm, showing his peers the technical strength of qiche NC machining

while being strict with himself, Li Song tried to do a good job in teaching numerical control technology. At the end of 2013, the "CNC machining studio" led by him was established. He made corresponding learning and training plans according to everyone's actual situation, and there were specific training items and test standards every week. In 2015, he led his apprentices to participate in the provincial numerical control competition and the national workers' vocational skills competition, winning the 48th place in the country and the 3rd place in the province, fully demonstrating the style of the new generation of young workers in Heilongjiang

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