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Lexmark and Ingram have joined forces

recently, Lexmark International (China) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Lexmark) and Ingram International (China) Co., Ltd. reached an agreement to entrust Ingram with the exclusive agency to sell LEXMA printer with good quality, good brand and good service in Jinan rk z42

this cooperation between the two companies is really a strong combination. Lexmark is a powerful and the only enterprise in the world that focuses on producing printers and providing printing solutions. Although it didn't start very early, it developed rapidly. Especially in recent years, the sales performance increased from $2.2 billion in 1995 to $3.8 billion in 2000. Lexmark and its products have won a total of 880 product awards in the past 10 years and continue to be the most unqualified waste type detected in environmental protection. Lexmark z42 color inkjet printer (hereinafter referred to as z42), which can be called a boutique of Lexmark, was listed in China in September 2000. Z42 has many advanced printing technologies, including the highest printing resolution in the industry of 2400*1200; Six color waterproof ink cartridge; There is also worry free precise paper feeding system and high-speed printing of 10 pages per minute. These enable the z42 to output text and graphics with high quality, and it can perform well even on ordinary printing paper; The print quality of photos is not to mention, which can fully meet the needs of ordinary users. On the whole, z42 is a powerful, compact and beautiful product with high quality and high performance. It is a color inkjet printer specially designed for SOHO (small office and home office) family, which is very consistent with its market positioning

Lexmark selected Yingmai as its agent distributor this time, which is also unique. Yingmai International Co., Ltd. is the world's largest provider of technology solutions, information technology products and services. In 2000, it was selected as the 41st of Fortune 500 enterprises. Its global market covers Canada, Europe, Latin America, Asia Pacific and other major strategic regions, and provides e-commerce solutions, logistics services, technical product sales and marketing support for more than 280000 products from more than 175000 dealers in more than 130 countries

the two major companies have just joined hands, and the red hot promotion activities immediately began. Soon after the agreement was reached, they jointly launched a large-scale promotion of "buy Lexmark z42 and give exquisite gifts. The company also announced the launch of visijet cr-bk products". Natural bio based high molecular materials refer to high molecular materials blended and modified by natural organisms (including animals, plants, microorganisms, etc.) or other resources: from now on, all users who buy Lexmark z42 printer products, You can get a beautiful fashion watch with collection value. We believe that in the next few days, there will be another lively sales boom in the Lexmark printer market. We will wait and see

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