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Let knowledge cross the border, Huawei released the smart classroom solution

[March 17, 2021] at the online conference of Huawei's new smart collaboration products, Huawei released the smart classroom solution synchronously

Huawei smart classroom solution is a full scene smart classroom solution that takes Huawei collaboration tablet as the core, builds a cloud collaboration system, and creates boundless access to teaching activities, intelligent coverage of teaching equipment, and comprehensive upgrading of teaching scenes for education

Huawei proposes that science and technology help education to be inclusive. This is not only due to Huawei's insight into the education industry for many years, but also a deep understanding of the educational trend of diversified talents

the release of Huawei's smart classroom solution is another upgrade of Huawei's smart education. It aims to help educational clients solve the problems of unbalanced educational resources and single teaching methods in various regions, so that every child can enjoy a fair and high-quality education

build end-to-end cloud collaboration, and upgrade the smart education strategy with Huawei collaboration tablet as the core.

the wave of digitalization has poured into thousands of industries, and educational digitalization has also moved towards the deep integration of emerging technologies and scenarios. The vigorous development of artificial intelligence, big data, IOT and other new technologies has created new teaching scenes and educational experiences, but also brought more complex scene needs

Huawei has invested heavily in almost all types of education, immersing itself in it, and is committed to being a knowledgeable person in the education industry and a fellow traveler of education partners. Through continuous innovation of ICT technology, Huawei has the ability to turn demand into a deliverable scenario solution

end cloud collaboration, there is no need to spend more money to buy a microcomputer controlled solution to build a full scene smart classroom.

build a end cloud collaboration system, fully integrate into the cloud ecosystem, and constantly innovate the core technologies of Huawei's audio and video and hardware engineering, AI cloud and distributed capabilities, so as to provide a more stable and secure full scene solution for smart education, thereby improving production efficiency

convenient entrance, one step of future teaching

take Huawei collaborative tablet as the focus center of classroom teaching, and realize convenient access to teaching resources, recording and application of classroom content, remote synchronous teaching, cross device teaching interaction, etc. in the teaching process, so that every student can enjoy a healthy, safe and future scientific and technological classroom experience

starting from the teaching scene, create a new smart education experience

normalized classroom scene, precipitate high-quality and intelligent educational resources

pre class preparation class hours, based on the rich courseware resources and massive fine Title library built in Huawei collaboration tablet, and at the same time, get through the deep integration of Huawei collaboration tablet hardware performance and the application of preparation, speaking, approval, assistance and examination software, so as to help improve teaching efficiency and teaching quality

when teaching in class, teachers can directly gather carbon and Harbin Institute of technology has set up a graphene utilization technology laboratory, which is based on lesson preparation resources to deduce rich visual three-dimensional subject knowledge for students. At the same time, students can also interact with the large screen in real time

when refining after class, Huawei collaboration tablet has a one click recording and broadcasting function, which facilitates teachers and students to review classroom knowledge at any time, and helps accelerate the accumulation of school-based resources

group discussion teaching scenarios, breaking through the shackles of traditional classroom teaching

high definition transmission and ecological interconnection are the direction for Huawei to continue to build the competitiveness of smart classrooms. Based on this core technology, teachers can finally break through the shackles of the traditional one speech hall, let students collide with each other in the process of group discussion, and stimulate more learning potential

remote interactive teaching scenario, breaking the time and space constraints of local teaching

Huawei has achieved audio-visual synchronization including 4K high-definition teaching experience and 200ms ultra-low delay main listening classroom through professional and standard remote interactive technology. At the same time, with 512k bandwidth and 20% packet loss resistance technology, it has achieved no distortion in the process of audio and video remote transmission. Huawei continues to innovate digital information technology, goes deep into the core business scenario of education, and truly accelerates the digital transformation of the education industry

in full combination with Huawei cloud welink, launch a new idearoom interactive teaching platform

with experience as the core, based on cloud collaboration, break the geographical and spatial restrictions through remote classes, and connect schools and teachers and students; Combined with the intelligent (AI) analysis of local teaching resources, through the extraction of knowledge points, build a knowledge map to realize the whole process of mastering teaching data; Through the intelligent upgrading of equipment, comprehensively improve the teaching experience, so as to support the long-term planning and continuous innovation of the teaching environment in Colleges and universities

Huawei idearoom interactive teaching platform, fully combined with the connectivity of welink, is open to all partners in the education industry, helping schools flexibly choose teaching applications, increasing the interest of the classroom, and making personalized education always

Huawei always believes that knowledge and skills are the cornerstone of social progress. Wisdom education makes it easier for people to acquire knowledge and skills equally, so that more people can better improve themselves and release their potential, improve their living and living environment, and create more value for society. Huawei hopes to work with more partners to provide equal and high-quality educational opportunities for every child through innovative ICT technology and promote the overall healthy development of human society

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