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Li Ming: let UAVs change farming methods

Li Ming, chairman of Hunan xingsol Aviation Technology Co., Ltd

Hunan xingsol Aviation Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "xingsol") is located in Changsha Economic and Technological Development Zone. When you enter the door, you can see all kinds of agricultural UAVs, including single rotor, multi rotor, fixed wing, ranging from a load of 20 kg to a total aircraft of 260g. It is like an exhibition. "Our company takes the development of high-end advanced equipment and technology products to serve the society as its own responsibility, innovate, work hard, cultivate innovative high-end talents, and create a century old team and enterprise as its goal." For this goal, Li Ming and his team are working tirelessly on the road of unmanned aerial vehicles

Li Ming, who was sent to the University of Tokyo in 2007, is engaged in high-performance modification and processing technology of high molecular materials; Adopt blending, modification and formulation technology of new processing equipment and processing technology; Preparation technology of thermoplastic products with high specific strength, large size and complex appearance and structure; Processing technology of high molecular materials such as electrospinning; Large and precision rubber and plastic equipment processing equipment and mold manufacturing technology; He really felt the advanced technology of Japanese agricultural farming during his study of the preparation and utilization technology of high molecular materials for additive manufacturing. He realized that domestic agricultural mechanization was very backward. "The day after I got my degree certificate in 2010, I chose to return home. At that time, the only idea was to solve the 'primitive' situation of farmers' facing the Loess and facing the sky."

in 2015, Li Ming founded xingsol and chose to start with agricultural UAV

"it is often processed all over the world. In summer, I sleep in the laboratory with my arms bare and design work continuously for 60 days." Li Ming is unforgettable for his busy early days. Since the founding of star sol, he has not had a complete rest for more than a week. Li Ming is confident about the future development market of agricultural aviation. "Man machine can be used in many fields, including crop growth monitoring, environmental monitoring, sowing, fertilization, etc. the prospect of agricultural unmanned aerial vehicles is infinite. Just from the perspective of plant protection, China has a market of hundreds of billions, and the application scope of agricultural unmanned aerial vehicles also covers urban environmental monitoring." Moreover, xingsol has developed towards agricultural robots and intelligent production equipment of building materials

at present, xingsol and Hunan Agricultural University have jointly built the platform of Hunan Agricultural Aviation advanced technology engineering technology research center. Li Ming's team now has 4 overseas students, 6 doctors, post doctors and 31 scientific researchers, with outstanding talent advantages. In the hall of star sol, there is a wall displaying all the medals he has won. Li Ming introduced that in the construction of team talents, star sol won awards such as the "hundred talents plan" of Hunan Province and the national "ten thousand talents plan"; At the same time, a multi-functional UAV platform has been developed, including six major products, such as single rotor swimming UAV and multi rotor electric UAV; And new products such as power virtual stabilization system, one machine multi control flight control system and aerial robot that can fly and run; The test equipment with dual digital display has become the mainstream equipment, with 6 national invention patents and 12 authorized software intellectual property rights. In 2017 alone, agricultural plant protection machines, nuclear radiation monitoring machines, water quality monitoring machines, etc. were recognized by users, generating more than 10 million sales

Li Ming said, "under the good political resources of the country, everyone has a high enthusiasm for entrepreneurship. If you want to start a business, you must have innovation. If you don't have innovative products, you will be eliminated in the fierce market. If you want to innovate, you must have talents. Talents come first."

"low altitude remote sensing is currently in the research and development stage in the world, while xingsol will focus more on this aspect in the development field in the future." When visiting agricultural UAVs in the warehouse, Li Ming introduced that low altitude remote sensing technology plays an important role in many fields such as animal and plant growth and development, environmental investigation, urban management, disaster monitoring, and is expected to become the core information carrier of "smart city" and smart agriculture; It will bring huge space for technological innovation and industrial development to the UAV industry, modern agriculture and the industrial chain related to Internet information

when asked about our goal in the field of agricultural aviation after importing some of the equipment we use today, Li Ming firmly said: "star sol will build low altitude remote sensing, which is the lubrication technology, into a domestic leading and international advanced ranks."

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