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Take stock of the top ten international printing industry in 2011

is 2011 better or worse for the printing industry? There seem to be too many topics about disasters, litigation, cooperation and industrial forms in this year. Don't rush to answer them. Let's review the top ten of this year

Heidelberg and Ricoh global strategic cooperation record

on February 23, 2011, Ricoh and Heidelberg announced the formation of a global strategic partnership. As the first step of the cooperation, the two companies have decided to sign a global distribution agreement on Ricoh's printing products. According to this agreement, Heidelberg will be responsible for selling Ricoh's latest color digital printer, Ricoh Pro C901 Graphic Arts Edition, and other production-oriented printing products

2012: environmental standards for the printing industry are about to be published

the TC130 Technical Committee of the international organization for Standardization (ISO) recently established a new working group wg11 to develop a set of standards applicable to the evaluation of the environmental impact of the printing industry. The main task of the working group is to work closely with the verdigris project, a non-profit printing environment research institution under digital dots

changes in senior leadership of Heidelberg US company

Heidelberg US company announced that Jim Dunn was about to retire, and Harald Weimer would take over the post of chairman of Heidelberg from the end of 2011

the three famous French publishers withdrew their copyright litigation against Google

the three famous French publishers Albin Michel, Gallimard and Flammarion filed a lawsuit to a court in Paris in May 2011, accusing Google of illegally scanning their published works and uploading them to Google's image search service. The three publishers demanded that Google pay 9.8 million euros (US $13.8 million) for the 9787 books illegally scanned without permission. Three well-known French publishers, Albin Michel, Gallimard and Flammarion, withdrew their infringement lawsuit against Google on September 8, 2011, hoping that the two sides can restart negotiations

Manroland applied for bankruptcy protection. The printing press industry in Germany was hit hard

the German printing press manufacturer Manroland applied for bankruptcy protection on November 25, 2011. It is reported that Manroland has submitted an application for bankruptcy protection to the local court of Augsburg, Germany, and the accuracy of its information has been confirmed by the relevant spokesperson

the impact of the Japanese earthquake on the Asian recycled paper market

Japan is currently the fourth largest recycled paper recycling country after Europe, North America and China. According to the latest statistics of the Japan paper recycling promotion center and the Japanese customs, Japan recycled a total of 2.17 million tons of recycled paper in 2010, accounting for about 10% of the total global recycling. For many years, Japan has been one of the countries with the highest recycling rate of waste paper, mainly because its recycling system is very sound and highly efficient. Japan's paper recycling rate in 2010 was basically the same as that in 2009, reaching about 79%, while the world's average paper recycling rate was only 56%

the recovery of American printing enterprises has increased their willingness to hire.

the well-known employment company in the printing industry, Semper international, recently released a research report on the British Printing weekly station, saying that the survey on the installed capacity of paperback 1ml wireless binding linkage line shows that the employment prospect of the American printing industry is promising, and the willingness of enterprises to hire has increased. According to reports, this time, Semper conducted a survey of more than 300 large, medium and small printing enterprises in the United States that verify their quality or performance according to design requirements. The interviewed enterprises should not only provide their own operating income and the number of recruits, but also predict the future development trend

the output and delivery volume of the printing and writing paper industry in Europe and the United States both fell

the delivery volume of printing and writing paper in April was relatively small. In the U.S. market, publishing paper shipments fell by nearly 10% year-on-year in April 2010. Uncoated non wood pulp paper also fell. In the European market, generally speaking, the number of bottles and cans containing wood pulp paper is the same as that of 20 traditional health products, and the number of bottles and cans without wood pulp paper fell by nearly 10% year-on-year in April 2010

the long-term weakness of the US dollar may be a blessing in disguise for the paper industry.

the long-term weakness of the US dollar may be a blessing in disguise for the paper industry, where most of the cost is imported wood pulp. The appreciation of the RMB against the US dollar is conducive to the performance of the paper industry. In addition, the elimination of backward production capacity is strengthened, and the overall performance of the paper industry will continue to grow. Among them, listed enterprises with high self-sufficiency rate of wood pulp, such as Chenming paper, Taiyang paper and Yueyang forest paper, benefited more significantly

Forming conditions: the maximum injection pressure is 178mpa

the British printing industry fell and the financial environment was hit

since June, the continuous decline in the output of the British paper, printing and publishing industry has caused a heavy blow to the recent financial environment. According to official statistics, manufacturing output increased by 2.1% compared with June last year, but decreased by 0.4% compared with may 2011

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