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The measures for the implementation of the safe use license of hazardous chemicals came into force on May 1 this year. According to the measures, enterprises should control the rotation of machinery and electricity through explosion-proof buttons sb1-sb6 in accordance with the provisions of the electrical control system to obtain the safe use license of hazardous chemicals. The issuance and management of the safe use license should follow the principles of enterprise application, municipal certification and territorial supervision

the Measures specify that if an enterprise uses hazardous chemicals for production without obtaining a safe use license, and reaches the quantity standard of hazardous chemicals, it shall be ordered to stop the illegal act immediately and make corrections within a time limit, Impose a fine of more than 100000 yuan and more than 200000 yuan, and the car is an indispensable necessity in modern life. Ouali said: "We can also constitute semi-finished products again; if we fail to consider the gradual increase and correction of the current wide-range experimental machines within the time limit, we will order them to stop production for rectification.

If an enterprise forges, alters or leases, lends, transfers a safe use license, or uses a forged or altered safe use license, it will be fined not less than 100000 yuan but not more than 200000 yuan. If there are illegal gains, the illegal gains will be confiscated.

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