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Stauber's four axis SCARA TS60 robot realizes the high-efficiency production of solar cells


ensure the automatic operation with the damage rate less than 0.1%

the demand of solar cell production process for automatic control, Gao Yong, Party Secretary and Secretary General of China Textile Industry Federation, said that it is constantly promoting the development of traditional solutions. An automatic system first put into operation in East Asia can achieve a capacity of 3000 pieces per hour. At the same time, special care must be taken when handling ultra-thin silicon chips, because every seemingly insignificant pause in the motion sequence of the robot may lead to its breakage. This will not only push up the cost of system operators, but also adversely affect system manufacturers who usually guarantee that the failure rate is less than 0.1%


high speed SCARA replaces delta robots

Baumann, a German system integrator, is committed to developing innovative automation solutions for the photovoltaic industry. Its standardized module for loading and unloading semiconductor cleaning devices is favored by customers. With the excellent performance of the system, it has set new industry standards for key factors such as cycle time, damage rate and reliability. And its core is the storabir four axis SCARA TS60 robot

The unit designed by Baumann is specially designed to deal with two different sizes of single crystal and polycrystalline silicon. The dimensions of silicon wafer are 125x125 mm and 156 x156 mm. Thanks to sophisticated hardware and software solutions, it takes only 10 minutes at most to convert from one size of silicon wafer to another

the silicon wafer is delivered to the assembly module through a one-way conveyor belt. The robot picks up ultra-thin silicon chips here and places them at the precise position of the five guide rails of the semiconductor cleaning device. In order to meet the needs of customers, the maximum silicon wafer output of the system is up to 3000 pieces per hour. In this regard, Baumann's automation experts did not choose delta robots, but innovatively chose two stouber high-speed TS60 SCARA robots to be used together

at the same time, because it involves high torque applications, delta robots need to expand the entire system module disproportionately, which will violate the basic design of the integrator's compactness and flexibility. Stauber TS60 covers a small area and is installed flexibly


perfect synchronization

in Baumann, they are particularly proud of the perfect synchronization of the speed of the two robots and the conveyor belt. Since two SCARA robots pick up silicon wafers at the same point on the conveyor belt in turn, programming in this way can avoid collision, so there is no need for additional collision protection. At the same time, these two robots must keep absolutely synchronized with the speed of the conveyor belt. Programming these tasks requires a lot of technical expertise. They found the wide range of options offered by stobil cs8c controllers and conveyor tracking systems helpful

when the ultra-thin silicon wafer is placed on any of the five tracks of the semiconductor cleaning device, accurate positioning is crucial. The two ts60s alternately pick up silicon wafers from the high-speed unidirectional conveyor belt with their vacuum clamps. Before that, an image processing camera installed on the belt feeder had to shoot the silicon wafer to reach the control system: control the precise position of the electrical appliance, and transmit the information to the robot controller in just a few milliseconds. Then the task that the robot needs to undertake is to accurately place the expensive silicon chip at the precise position of any of the five guide rails of the semiconductor cleaning device

baumann Project Manager J RG Weigert summed up the reasons for the adoption of stobil SCARA robot: we always believe in the excellent performance of stobil SCARA robot. Even in the case of continuous use for many years, this robot can ensure fast, accurate and very reliable. Stauber's constant replacement of samples SCARA robot is strong, reliable, and the friction wheel surface in the gearbox must not be oiled or splashed with oil. The characteristics of less maintenance requirements are very important for this application. According to our customers' feedback, the equipment often runs continuously for several days, and no silicon chip is damaged

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